Lydia Kimmerling

Awaken to a deep soul connection, where effortless manifestation creates abundance and flow in life.

Expand Your Consciousness

If you sense that there's more to explore and fulfill in your spiritual journey, then this is the next step for you.

Having dedicated yourself to the inner work, it's now clear to you that you've been pushing too hard.

You desire a life that flows more effortlessly and are enthusiastic about learning how to align your energy to unlock the universal codes that can do the hard work for you.

This 12-week spiritual immersion is designed to satisfy your thirst for higher-level spiritual advancement, enhancing the connection you have with both yourself and the source.


Now picture this...

You're living a life where genuine fulfilment effortlessly flows, grounded in unwavering trust in yourself and life's natural rhythm. The grind of overworking and ceaseless pursuit for happiness have become distant echoes of your past.


No longer content with mere appreciation of spiritual concepts, you now live and breathe them. Your experiences validate the truth of manifesting and being guided by spirit.


Surrendering to the universe's intelligence is now a way of life, not just an intellectual notion beyond emotional reach. This transformative journey empowers you to cultivate profound faith in yourself and life, achieving more by doing less. 


Recognise this truth:

We attract what aligns with our authentic selves, not merely our conscious thoughts. Consider this your exclusive invitation to a life characterised by effortless manifestation and profound spiritual fulfilment.


In our 12-week journey, we unravel thought patterns, belief systems, and ingrained behaviours. Our goal is to expose the framework shaping your life, often making it more challenging than necessary. Delve into your heart's depths, unlocking desires for success, happiness, and love. Empower yourself to manifest with ease and efficiency. I'll connect with your UEF, addressing energy sources hindering progress.


Through 10 personalised one-to-one sessions and The Soul Code online programme, you'll awaken to a spiritually guided life from the heart. Cultivate oneness with yourself and your surroundings, shifting from lack and separation to abundance and connection.

Our toolkit includes channelling, coaching, quantum meditation, focused breathing, toning, and tapping—catalysts for releasing past burdens, creating space for new possibilities. Activate codes defining your desired self, attracting experiences aligned with your true essence.

Transformation Tales

Renel Shaw Testimonial

"Lydia showed me how to break out of an unhealthy life cycle that I’d been stuck in for years. She helped give me the focus I needed to be brave enough to make decisions that served my greater good – which led to signing a deal with the Rudimental team."

Renel Shaw—Musician & Writer

Hi! I'm Lydia...

Since 2010, I have dedicated myself to guiding individuals towards their utmost success, happiness, and love in both life and business.

In my role as a Channel, Energist, and Master Life Coach, I draw upon my extensive experience, totaling thousands of hours. My unique approach involves tapping into the conscious intelligence of the universe, facilitating a connection that propels you toward the elevated perspective necessary for progress.

Leveraging my gift to read energy and interpret the light codes within your Unique Energetic Framework, I specialise in dismantling the unseen barriers that hinder your path to a profoundly satisfying life.

Fundamentally, I believe that the answers you seek reside within you. Through my work, I illuminate the pathway to inner fulfilment, causing a transformative ripple effect in your external world as well.

If you sense that there's more awaiting you, you're right. However, it's not out there—it's within you.

Welcome to the space where you'll uncover your "more."




Harmonize Inner Serenity:

Learn the sacred art of calming your busy mind, creating a tranquil inner sanctuary conducive to spiritual growth.

Heart-Centered Existence:

Embrace the path of heart-centered living, allowing the essence of your soul to guide your journey and deepen connections with self and others.

Attain Spiritual Fulfilment:

Uncover the journey towards internal success, emphasising spiritual fulfilment over material achievements.

Embrace Liberation of the Spirit:

Liberate your spirit by unlocking emotional freedom, shedding old patterns and allowing the light of your soul to illuminate your path.

Intuitive Soul Listening:

Cultivate the art of listening to your soul's whispers, empowering you to trust in your inner guidance and make spiritually aligned decisions.

Align with Universal Flow:

Master the alignment of your energy to effortlessly attract spiritual abundance, diminishing anxiety and fostering confidence in navigating life's uncertainties.

Surrender to Divine Harmony:

Surrender to the divine flow, releasing the need for excessive control and allowing the harmonious dance of life to unfold.

Transformation Tales

Anita Bagwandas Testimonial

"What makes Lydia different is that she gives you a way to navigate old systems for self-transformation that are outdated in the current world by creating a fusion between that wisdom and a young modern lifestyle, making it much easier to apply to your own life."

Anitas Bhagwandas—Journalist, Author and Beauty Editor

How it works?

Genetic Integrative Healing (GIH) is a transformative approach that focuses on your Unique Energetic Framework (UEF), comparing it to an operating system with codes influencing thoughts and beliefs. By updating this framework, similar to adding new code to software, you can shape your reality.

Your UEF, comprised of energetic frequencies, affects decisions and actions. Hidden frequencies within it may limit you, manifesting as unexplained restrictions. Discovering and adjusting these frequencies is crucial for consciously directing your life story.

In the genetic realm, genes act as blueprints influenced by light codes—conscious technology derived from Source. As walking information technology, our bodies receive light codes, shaping the UEF. Choosing which codes to embrace affects DNA, facilitating Genetic Integrative Healing and unlocking our complete potential.

Channelling involves attuning consciousness to non-physical entities' frequencies, similar to tuning a radio. Lydia, having undergone energy clearings and DNA recalibration, intuitively connects with high-frequency beings, including guides, higher selves, and advanced collectives. This ability extends to reading bodies, minds, and nature. Although unconventional, it aligns with the understanding that we communicate through energy, transcending words.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

In summary, the 12-week spiritual immersion operates on a structured rhythm. Every 10 days, you'll immerse yourself in a module from The Soul Code, unraveling the common beliefs that may be holding you back.

These modules, steeped in ancient wisdom for the modern world, pave the way for self-trust, inner guidance, and present-moment happiness. Drawing upon my expertise as a master life coach and energetics teacher, I'll guide you in connecting with your true self and inner freedom.

The heart of our programme lies in the 90-minute class recordings, complemented by a live 30-minute quantum meditation in each session. This dual approach not only imparts knowledge but also facilitates the embodiment of your desired self and creations.

These transformative pre-study components are not just a mere preparation; they are a proactive step, offering clarity on obstacles and defining your path forward.

As we enter our one-to-one sessions of which there are ten, Genetic Integrative Healing will be employed to forge a deeper connection with your higher self, propelling you toward the manifestation of your aspirations. This intricate process ensures that our time together is maximally impactful, guiding you through a profound journey of personal growth and empowerment.

What is the cost?

This one-to-one programme with Lydia can be paid in six monthly instalments of £775 or one payment of £4500 which offers you a saving of £150.

What's included?

10 x 60 minute 1:1 Genetic Integrative Healing sessions with Lydia

The Soul Code 8 week online course

12 weeks of exclusive coaching partnership and spiritual support

Are sessions online or in person?

Sessions are online, however if you wish to come to Ibiza, Lydia would be delighted to see you in person and a face-to-face session can be organised.

What time are sessions?

Availability varies however your sessions will be booked with Lydia personally, and made to work with your schedule. There are no sessions after 7pm on weekdays or at weekends.

Who is this for?

Ideally you have already completed #2 ELEVATION: The 6-Week Life Reset or similar. This is not a beginners course. It comes after your foundations in personal and spiritual development. 

This 12-week spiritual immersion is designed to satisfy your thirst for higher-level spiritual advancement, enhancing the connection you have with both yourself and the source.

Refunds and Cancellations

Once the programme has started there are no refund options available. If you change your mind within two weeks of purchase and prior to getting started, you can opt for a full refund minus the non-refundable deposit of £300.

Lydia Kimmerling