If you like a drink and indulged in your fav tipple over Xmas, you may have considered having a dry January. This time last year I was off the booze and although I wanted to try being booze free for a year, I was still pretty impressed with doing a whole six months. When alcohol is such an ingrained part of how you socialise, having a booze free month can be harder than you think.

Or like me, maybe it’s not just a month you’ve been thinking about…?

If 2016 was filled with more hangovers than you care to remember and fill-in-the blank-spots you simply can’t remember, you may be asking yourself;

“How can I say that I’m going for just one drink and mean it?”

Through asking myself the same question I found a way to breakthrough my binge drinking so that I could have more control over how much I drank and become hangover free 90% of the time.

Watch the video now to grab three of my top tips for having a break from booze for however long you choose.

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