4/18: Happiness Hack Find Forgiveness

Happiness Hack A Day – Find Forgiveness

Forgive and forget they say…

To move on from a broke heart, to heal from a fallout or to nurture a family bond, but what if it’s actually yourself you need to forgive, and not someone else?

It’s all about acceptance.

That’s why you can’t let go, move forward or stop thinking about the situation that makes you sad, anxious or frustrated.

Watch today’s video and keep watching until the 4th of Jan, as I share a happiness-hack-a-day to help you get into the best mindset for positive change.

Leave your baggage in 2018

It will only hold you back.

And if making 2019 your happiest year yet, is really, really important to you, find out more about my FREE 5-day New Year Kick Starter, by clicking this link http://www.bit.ly/NYKS2019

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