Ready to Transform Your Life and The Lives of Others?

Become A Coach is a 12-month Life Coach training, Business Mentorship, and Personal Growth course, accredited by The International Coaching Federation.

If you’re looking for an exhilarating, inspiring, and transformational experience of a lifetime, where you transform every area of your life and create a successful business, then you’re in the right place.

Does this sound familiar?

👉 Has the pandemic made you stop and think more about who you want to be and what you want to do?

👉 Do you currently feel stuck in your life and work, with the feeling that there must be more out there for you?

👉 Are you longing to finally fulfil your potential and do something that has more meaning and purpose?

Are You Who I’m Looking For?

🎯 You are ready for a new direction that breathes life back into who you are and what you do.

💁🏻 You enjoy helping people, seeing others succeed, and are who your friends come to for advice.

✨ You love motivational talks and inspirational podcasts, and dream of doing the same one day.

❤️ You would like more freedom and flexibility in your life to have balance and do more of what you love.

💸You want to be in control of your earning potential and create a great income being your own boss.

“Hello future coach, I’m Lydia Kimmerling, CEO and founder of Happiness Explorer, a master certified life and business coach, educator, and motivational speaker. It feels amazing to start my bio with this, however, ten years ago it would have said – broke, jobless, receiving benefits, crying every day and asking, “Is This It?”.  I never could have imagined that ten years later I would have been featured in the press, spoken to hundreds of people, been named “guru to watch” by The Times, have created a six-figure business, lost nearly two stone, and be living in the location of my dreams – Ibiza. If I can do it, so can you, and my course will show you how.”

Coach Testimonials

Imagine This…

✈️ Waking up in the location of your dreams and starting your workday when you want.

💬 Receiving a text message from your client expressing how much you have changed their life.

📰 Seeing your photo and tips quoted in your favourite magazine or being invited on podcasts you love.

#️⃣ Speaking in front of hundreds of people who tag you on social media publicly praising you.

😎 Being your most authentic and confident self because you’ve completely sorted your life out.

💰 Selling out group programs that give you enough income to not have to worry for the year.

Whats’s Included?

My 12-month, 125-hour, accredited coach training and business mentorship course is the most comprehensive, well-thought-out, success-driven course that is available. Everything that you need to ensure that you succeed in your new career path as a coach is included over the 12-months and beyond – this is the course that keeps on giving.

📈 12 months of unrivalled, life-changing growth and transformation

👩‍💻 Invigorating and life-changing group online classes

👩‍🏫 Business and excellence mentoring from Lydia and her team

✔️ Two inspiring and motivational live-training weekends in London

🎉 The three-day celebration and graduation retreat in Spain

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 A brand new tribe of friends and private online community

😃 Exciting and exclusive Happiness Explorer team opportunity

📒 A 270-page, colourful, and easy to read course manual

⏩ The Happiness Reset six-step programme with lifetime access

📱 Your own personal mentor with dedicated support and contact

🖥️ Business expert masterclasses delivered via Facebook live

▶️ Recordings of your sessions listened to with written feedback

🎙️ Support for writing and delivering your very own motivational talk

💿 Help with creating your own signature online programme

🕰️ Up to 100-hours of coaching experience 

🧘‍♀️ Practice and buddy coaching to gain quick experience

🙌 Praise and exposure from Lydia on her social channels

🌐 Your very own coach bio featured on the website

📝 The chance to write blogs featured on Happiness Explorer


How It Works

We focus on four key areas:

1: Quality Training

If you don’t understand how someone can call themselves a coach after a three-day training that cost $30, neither can we. That’s why this is an advanced training course, accredited by The International Coaching Federation.

2: Personal Growth

If you’re worried that you haven’t got your life sorted out enough yet, don’t be. We will help you to work on all areas of your life so that imposter syndrome won’t get in the way of you and your success.

3: Business Knowledge 

If you’re wondering how you will find clients or what your niche will be, don’t worry. We have proven strategies that will see you have your first paying clients before the course is over – so that you feel confident that you’ll succeed.

4: Mentoring

If knowing that you’re doing it right and that you’re going to create great results for your clients is important, then you’ve found your match. One-to-one mentoring is the only way to ensure this, which is why it’s included.

Charlotte made £15k in the first six months

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leading global organisation dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.

The course starts on Sunday, 18th April, at 9am GMT.

This is a 12-month course – April to July 2020 are online classes and then August 2020 to March 2021 is business development and mentoring.

Classes are generally Sundays 9am – 2pm and Tuesdays 7pm – 8pm. All class times are GMT (London time).

There are three live events

London weekend: 7th – 8th August, 2021

London weekend: 30th – 31st October, 2021

Travel and accommodation to London are not included

Ibiza Retreat: 24th – 27th March, 2022

Travel to Ibiza is not included. All food and accommodation is included

Check Out My Past Students On Insta

Here’s just some of what goes down in the community

Tash quit her job three months into the training

Lisa gained two international clients.

You will see a return on your investment, from paid clients, before the course has ended.

We reccomend that you start charging for your coaching as soon as you have gained 25 hours of experience, whichi is usually four months in.

We give you a strategy to gain ten full paying clients within 12-months from starting the course where you can earn up to £7000.

Course cost

You can split the cost of the course over 12 payments, with one up-front payment of £2250 plus 11 x monthly payments of £250.00.

That works out at £7.50 per day (after your initial payment) what do you currently spend that on?

Lunch, coffees, a yoga class, or a bottle of wine?

Making an investment in your future is a huge statement that says “I’m worth it”, and when you up your self-worth, you up your game.

Imagine yourself this time next year, confidently coaching and being paid for it how does that feel? The freedom and flexibility to work when and where you want, helping people to transform their lives (from a cafe overlooking a beach perhaps, as I do).

There are only 15 spaces left available and they are selling fast.

I’m Interested, what do I do next?

Complete an application for a discovery call with Lydia and schedule your free 30-minute call

Start to think about why you want to become a coach and how you want your life to change as a result of this training, and that’s it! Lydia will see you there.

Application is only open from the 10th to the 17th of April and there is limited availability.

“I was totally confused about how I was going to move my current business as a personal trainer to the new area I was moving to. I had been considering training as a coach for a while but I felt so nervous about letting go of all the things I felt had defined me for the last 9 1/2 years. The course is so in-depth in such a brilliant way. I have hugely developed in a personal and professional way. I’m already seeing great results with my clients, many of whom followed me into coaching from my personal training business.”

Nikki Wetherell – Sex Coach

Nikki would 10/10 recommend this course to a friend!

“I met Lydia at an event she was speaking at. At the time I was feeling that everything in my life needed to change and that if I didn’t, I would die full of regrets! Learning to coach has opened me up and there is not a part of me now that I feel unaware of. I now feel ready to step out from the shadows, become the true me, and help people with assurance.”

Stuart Mace – Life Survival Coach

Stuart would 10/10 recommend this course to a friend!

“I wanted to become a coach because I needed to work less and I wanted an online revenue stream to make that happen. The content and flow of this course have been awesome. I’ve especially loved the business planning weekend! Lydia as a teacher is truly phenomenal! I can’t wait to start building my coaching profile — I already have a handful of my first clients.”

Elaine Denton – Self Love Coach

Elaine would 10/10 recommend this course to a friend!

“At the time that I decided to train as a coach, I was 34, stuck and not going anywhere in my life. I felt frustrated and unsure why I could not move forward. I was expecting to learn how to coach but I wasn’t expecting so many revelations and the ability to work through my own blockages. This course has helped me feel excited about the future and it’s given me faith in myself to create a life I actually want and deserve to have. I’m excited to see what I can achieve and to work with many more clients.”

Kimberley Cutler Life Coach

Kimberley would 10/10 recommend this course to a friend!