Justine Clifford

As Justine fed her passion, her passion fed her and so she left the corporate 9-5to do more of what she loves: Life Coaching, Yoga & Thai Massage.

Justine dedicated many years to climbing the corporate ladder with a full time career in Marketing whilst juggling voluntary work with various charities. Justine discovered Yoga in her early 20’s as a means to find some peace in a chaotic world & soon learned that Yoga was extremely calming and helped to bring some clarity at a time when you can feel a little lost. She particularly loved Yoga’s healing properties as she went on to learn more about the body’s energy system as she qualified to teach. Justine was desperate to break free from the constraints of a 9-5 and so took the action of partnering with Life Coach Lydia Kimmerling which she calls ‘an investment in herself’. As Justine fed her passion, her passion began to feed her and so she left the corporate 9-5 to do more of what she loves and in this process many opportunities presented themselves including training to coach. Having gone through this process, Justine used this wisdom to help others.

Justine is 1 of 9 adopted children and counts her blessings everyday. Every painful experience has fuelled her growth and she believes you have a choice to live in Fear or Faith, a choice to be a Victim or a Survivor. When you come from a place of Faith, you realise that life is full of opportunities. From a difficult childhood & various challenges in life, these experiences have lead Justine to understand her calling. Justine’s dream is to share what she learns, any tools, any wisdom, any knowledge, with people to help them heal. To help them open their hearts and love again, find peace & happiness, and empower them to take control of their lives and live the life they truly love. To find freedom.

Justine enjoys a peaceful life in Berkshire, and in her free time she loves to travel. Thailand is a favourite and as a trustee of charity 4Life Thailand she goes out to the projects to meet the children. Justine has dedicated a life to doing more of what she loves: A Happiness Explorer Yogi-living a life committed to inspiring, supporting and empowering others on their journey to achieve happiness and freedom.

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