Lydia Kimmerling

Lydia believes that no one should feel trapped in their own life and has dedicated her business to helping fellow Happiness Explorers get out of their happiness waiting game and break the cycle of saying “I’ll be happy when…”, so that they stop outsourcing their happiness to the future and discover what it means to be truly content, in the now.

Calling the white isle of Ibiza home, Lydia returns to the UK to speak at events including, The National Wedding show and Love You, Love Natural whilst also launching her own event in London this year, More Happiness Now. Whilst in Ibiza she is regularly invited to speak at retreats ran by wellness experts including Lindsay Jay and Mirella Ingamells, but what remains important to Lydia is the balance of working towards what she desires and enjoy the little things in life, like long lunches on the beach and dancing the summer night away listening to her boyfriend DJ.