Steph Cullen

Steph knows what it’s like to live up to your own high expectations – she spent the best part of the last twenty-five years striving to achieve the top at everything she did, and after usually getting there moving on to the next thing. And boy did she get there – this girl has been a straight A student, a grade 8 violinist, an Oxford graduate, an Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race winner, a successful corporate leader, a GB rower and a World Champion – all by the age of 30. After this, she tackled those ‘usual’ adult goals of home ownership, landing a great job with a comfortable salary, and moving in with her amazing boyfriend.


This fast-paced, goal-driven approach was a great way to get through the many chapters and opportunities life laid out before her, and laterally avoid the struggle she was having leaving behind her identity as an athlete – until she had achieved everything she thought she wanted, only to find herself stressed, exhausted, and at a loss as to why she wasn’t happy. On the outside, Steph was a carefree, successful thirty-something who was winning at life; yet on the inside she felt like a fraud, bad partner and terrible person for not feeling satisfied with or grateful for everything she had.


It was at this point in Steph’s life that she was introduced to Lydia – as they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears – and she knew that this was her opportunity to find her way forward. Through her time with Lydia, Steph learned to slow down, stop pushing and just… be. A human being rather than a human doing.  She also felt a calling to both further pursue her personal development and explore becoming a coach herself.


This journey has led her full circle to joining the Happiness Explorer team as she seeks to help others by sharing what she’s learned. Steph has fifteen years corporate experience, and spent several years’ as a high-level athlete, with three years in the GB Rowing team. Her aim is to use her understanding of performing under extreme pressure, both external and self-imposed, the highs and lows of navigating a goal-driven career, juggling work, training and everyday life, and the inevitable struggle with change to help those in a similar position to find their way to a happier and more successful future. Steph strongly believes we create our own future or someone creates it for us – she aims to help her clients ensure they are in the driving seat for the future they want.