Life and Self Love Coach


Life and Self Love Coach

Hi! My name is Elaine Denton and I am a Life Coach who helps people find unconditional self-love! Whether this manifests as not being good enough at work, in relationships, life or what you see in the mirror... my aim is to help you realise that you ARE enough.... and that from this place the world will give you more opportunities than ever before.

Before becoming a coach, I used to work in a corporate career, working in middle management in the fitness industry. Whilst I knew I was a hugely successful leader and mentor, I also knew that this career path wasn't for me. I was approaching 40, highly stressed, with no work life balance. My misery was fuelled by my coping mechanisms of excessive shopping and alcohol binges. When I looked in the mirror she despised what she had become, and yet she saw no way out. I had forgotten who 'I' was. Through being coached by Lydia, I found yoga and meditation as new ways of dealing with stress. I transformed my life and this lead to me quitting my corporate role and becoming a wellness coach, and more recently a Life Coach. My goal it to help people realise that being miserable is not 'just the way it is'. Happiness is an option for EVERYONE!

I believe in practising what I preach. Outside of coaching, you can find me working out, practising yoga and meditating. I love walking, reading and a calm approach to life. I am a huge believer in 'less is more' and I enjoy the quieter side of life...but can be found, on occasion, dancing at a music festival and relaxing my inner wild spirit!

If any of this resonates I would love to hear from you!

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I have worked for 20 years as a Business Manager and Mentor:  coaching people to become successful Managers and leaders in their field. I have been a dedicated Wellness Coach for 3 years, taking all of my skills learned in business to help people change their lifestyles through Yoga and Meditation. I have been Life Coaching for 18 months and I have coached over 100 women to help change their lives- creating career changes, relationship changes but above all else creating a life-changing relationship with themselves, which means no more ‘settling or surviving’…just thriving!


East Midlands, UK



"I have loved working with Elaine. She has given me the confidence in myself to take the necessary steps forward in my career. I had felt stuck for some time, without really knowing why, but Elaine was able to hear beneath what I was saying and uncover some blocks that were fundamental in holding me back. I am now in the process of taking the steps I need to build my own business which I never through was possible. I am actually excited by the future and believe I can create something for myself."

— Kim