I have felt trapped in my job before and I allowed my discontentedness to creep into my personal life too.

No one wants their work to make them feel miserable. If you want to love the job you hate but are struggling to find a reason why, ask yourself the questions I ask in the conversation below and see if you can use this principle to change how you feel.

A few months ago I had an interesting conversation with someone about choice. They were telling me about a meeting they had coming up, which they were really not looking forward to. In fact, it was ruining their weekend.

I asked why they were letting it ruin their weekend and they said that they had no choice, they had to go to work and they had to go to this meeting.

I thought, I’ve gotta cheer this person up. I’m stuck in the corner of a big pub table, so I can’t speak to anyone else and they’re not ruining my night too, plus they deserve to enjoy the overpriced glass of wine they just bought instead of drown their sorrows in it.

Of course I was also risking being that annoying positive person, but I was feeling mischievous and they were miserable.

So the conversation continued…

ME: “I understand it is frustrating feeling like you have no choice. If you did have a choice, how would you like to feel instead?”

THEM: “I would like to feel more in control and passionate about what I do”

ME: “Ok, can I ask you a few questions I think might help? What is the main reason you go to work?”

THEM: “To have money”

ME: “What three things does money get you that you couldn’t live without?”

THEM: “My phone, my car and a few meals out”

ME: “No, that you couldn’t LIVE without”

THEM: “Oh! Food in my fridge, a roof over my head and running water, I guess.”

ME: “Yaaaas. To live you need water, food and shelter and to get those freely and with a level of comfort, you need money and to get money you need to work.

So you choose to work because YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE!!


(Imagine my voice and face becoming quite animated with this final sentence. Throwing down a grand finally truth bomb, to crack them open and find new perspective).

THEM: Ha ha… anyone want a drink? I’m going to the bar.

Ok so you can’t win them all, lol, but this did make me think.

Taking away choice leaves us feeling powerless and for us to reach our full potential we need to feel empowered. The great news is that we always have a choice. Reminding yourself that you do have a choice, empowers you to make even bigger choices that can create huge transformation in your life.

If you want to love the job you hate, can you use this principle to make an empowered choice about how you feel on a day to day basis.

Time is the MOST precious thing we have the pleasure of experiencing because once it’s gone, it’s gone. Although it feels like we live on borrowed time, it’s still YOUR time. It’s your CHOICE how you spend it. You can’t get yesterday back, or this morning or 5 mins ago or NOW or NOW or NOW… GONE. Your TIME Gone.

We are a strange breed us humans because somewhere along the way we decided to sell our TIME for money so that we could no longer SPEND time freely. To choose how you spend your time means FREEDOM, take away the choice and you are powerless.

Now, so many people can only choose how they spend their money, not their time and if someone else has control over how much money you can make then there is no freedom in spending your money. Again POWERLESS.

Do you sell your time for money (work) and then spend the day hating your time?

No wonder we are a sick and depressed race. In today’s world we need to work and sell our time but here’s the SECRET, you still have a choice about how you choose to enjoy that time.

When you feel yourself clock watching and wishing you were somewhere else, just ask yourself this one question: Do I want to choose to enjoy this time I can’t get back or do I want to choose to hate it?

At least then you know it was your choice and you’ll have no regrets 😉

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