When I wanted to start my own business it wasn’t just the logistics of setting it up that needed to happen.

I had to change

My habits, vices, thoughts, behaviour and much more.

To create more time and energy in my life so that I could focus on what I truly desired, it took being honest with myself about how I was self sabotaging. I’ll admit that sometimes it was easier to lose myself in hours of TV than to face up to what I really wanted and although I thought it would make me feel better, it actually made me feel worse.

The highest calling of focus and energy are required for taking your life from anything less than good to totally freaking amazing.

You may be surprised at some of the common everyday life things that we use to forget how we’re really feeling, it’s not just TV.

It takes effort to make big change but it’s totally worth it, so whether you’re bang into Making A Murderer or Game Of Thrones (I love both and I’m not saying all TV is bad, it’s the intention behind how you’re using it) or any of the other negative energy boosters I mention in the video, taking check of how you’re using them will help you step into more of a life you love.

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