Happiness hack be grateful.

Ho ho ho! The gifts come in the present, which is why today’s video offers you a simple practice for being happier in the now.

Leading up to Christmas and into the New Year, I’m sharing one happiness hack a day, so that you can kick start 2019 feeling positive and with the best mindset for creating change.

If Mary Poppins was a life coach she’d be saying, “A spoonful of gratefulness helps the melancholy go down” and she’d be right. Well she’s never wrong really, is she? (Side note – can-not-wait-for-MP2!!!!).

Everyone has something they can be grateful for and anyone can do it. It works because it makes you stop and see how good life already is or what good can be found in life, when it doesn’t feel good at all.

My partner and I practiced 30 days of gratefulness when our lives felt fragile ad uncertain. We had moved to a new country with no idea how things were going to work out and our worry about money was REAL BIG. This was affecting our relationship and general happiness, at a time when we wanted to be enjoying the sun, the sea and the Sangria.

Finding something to be grateful for on a daily basis, gives you a focus and positive perspective on life and have I already said… it’s really EASY.

So watch today’s video for a spoonful of how gratefulness can help you and if you loved this – stay tuned.

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