Happiness Hack Be Kind…Leading up to Christmas and into the New Year, I’m sharing one happiness hack a day, so that you can kick start 2019 feeling positive and with the best mindset for creating change.

Isn’t it mad how sometimes the person we find it hardest to be kind to, is ourselves!

How hard are you on yourself?

My negative self talk used to be out of control. I was sooooo hard on myself – it’s safe to say, I didn’t like myself very much.

So from experience I can say that, speaking to yourself unkindly, is the fastest way to ruining the relationship you have with yourself and stay stuck in negative behaviour patterns.

Because you feel out of control of your thoughts, changing the way you speak to yourself feels so hard at first. However, the first step to all transformation, including the way you talk to yourself, is awareness.

In my talks, workshops and programmes, I teach the tools I personally used and had success with, to help me become my happiest self.

The first step I took to improving my negative self-talk was to, each time I noticed myself saying something negative, just write it down. There was something about this ritual that represented, ‘getting it out of my head’.

Instead of allowing it to run as my subconscious daily script, this also enabled me to have more awareness around it. Sometimes, just seeing it in back and white was enough to let it go and at other times I needed to keep asking myself “Would you say this to your best friend and if not, why the hell are you saying it to yourself?”

For most of us it’s years of programming we’ve come to rely on, so the positive change you’re seeking doesn’t happen over night. Ultimately you have to think you’re worth putting the effort in, to keep showing up for yourself in a new and more positive way. Because it is effort and it does take time – but you’re definitely worth it.

Don’t wait till you’re dying to realise you’re about to lose the best friend you could of ever had.

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