Does this ring a bell…?

You’re dating and your three dates in and everything was going well, in fact you felt pretty in control but then he (or she, but for ease, I’ll stick with he) stops replying as quickly to your messages, for-like-a-day… and you freak out a little. When the ball had felt firmly in your court it’s now in his and you start acting a little crazy, checking WhatsApp and if he’s still on Tinder etc and you begin to worry if he is going to like you, choose you and decide to be with you?

You get me right!?!?! Most of us have been there – but I got you giiiiiiirls (and guys, cos I know it crosses over too)… I’ve figured out why we go all crazy at this stage and how to overcome it.

A little insight I had while watching Greece is all….

In this video I share one reason why we can begin to feel out of control during the early stages of dating and what you need to remind yourself of to stay in control.



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