There seems to be a turning point in life where stuff just gets serious, you get a job, maybe you buy a home and YOU START WRITING TO DO LISTS.


Lists for everything, your business, the kids, your shopping, the house, what bills to pay, and it all starts to feel a little overwhelming.

Now you may think I would say to ditch your to do list, but you’ll be surprised to hear that’s not what I think. I love my to do list, but then we have a great relationship – I don’t try and control it and it doesn’t control me.

It’s taken some work though as we’ve not always been so in the flow with one another. There was a point when my to do list was all I could think about, and not in the good way – like when you’re in your honeymoon phase.

It’s important to switch off so I want to share one tip with you that can help you create a good relationship with your to do list too.

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