Your inner critic. An absolute ‘mofo’ who sabotages your best efforts at a happy life. And while you think it is you? It isn’t you, it isn’t true and it doesn’t run the show unless you allow it.

So what is your inner critic? And how do you overcome it?

Your inner critic is that part of you that tells you can’t or you are not ‘_____________’ enough (insert your own words here).

It will have started from what you were told you ‘were’ as a child or what you perceived, either from your care givers, teachers, peers, religion, or beliefs in society. It will have developed and been ‘affirmed’ by things that happened to you as a teen and adult.

This inner critic is the megaphone for your limiting beliefs. The stuff you believe about yourself that stops you from saying ‘f*~k yes’ when you really want to and ‘hell no’ when you don’t. The beliefs that have stopped you living the life you truly want. From being the person you want to be.

So, is it going to go away? No. Can it get quieter? Ab-so- fu**ing- lutely!

Your inner critic is actually looking out for you, to keep you ‘safe’, but in reality, keeps you ‘small/unseen’. The beliefs we build around ‘people judging us’ or ‘we may fail’ means that your inner critic jumps in and tells you that you can’t do things so that you don’t do things. It will tell you horrible, hurtful things to keep you ‘under wraps’. Your inner critic is THAT person. The one you want to avoid but is in your head so you can’t.

But fear no more. Help is at hand.


Meet your inner cheerleader!

A cheerleader is defined as ‘an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of someone or something’. That’s what you’ve got to rebirth!

You see, you had an inner cheerleader as a child and somewhere along the line fear and ‘behaving’ made us stop listening to it. Well, now is the time for bringing it back to life!

Develop that inner voice that says, ‘YES YOU CAN’. The one that says, ‘give it a go’. The one that knows if it’s not a life/death situ then you should do it if it’s a heart and gut-felt yearning.

Is it that simple? Actually? Really?

Yes. Make the cheerleader loud and proud. Allow your cheerleader to tell your inner critic to ‘f**k the hell off’. And DO. THE. THINGS. THAT. MAKE. YOU. HAPPY.