Laughter allows us to express so many positive emotions: joy, gratitude, playfulness, humour, love – the list is endless. My main reason for loving laughter is that it creates a connection, which I believe is key to happiness. As social beings, we need a sense of belonging and laughing with others so that we can create that connection.

When we laugh, it allows us to think clearly and more positively. It is impossible to laugh and think negative thoughts. Laughter and smiling affect the neural pathways in our brains, allowing us to exist in a more positive and happier state of mind and science has proven that how we think can actually affect our physical well-being. Laughing suppresses stress hormones and helps release calming neurotransmitters which can help us live longer healthier lives.

We’ve all heard the saying “if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry”. We cannot control what happens in life, but we can choose how we respond to a situation. It has been proven that laughing in stressful or emotionally charged situation can actually provide relief or comfort. When your life isn’t going to plan, try finding a way to laugh, as this can help to calm you and achieve acceptance.


Ask yourself:

When was the last time you laughed till your belly hurt?
Who makes you laugh so much you might wet yourself?
How do you show up in your life differently when it’s filled with laughter?


Here are five tips to help you add a little more laughter to your life:


1: Challenge yourself to see the funny side

Life is all about how we perceive it, so if something has got you feeling pissed off, challenge yourself to find the funny side because there is always another way of seeing things

2: Give yourself permission to be silly

Remember when you used to joke around without a care in the world? That person is still you, they just need a little permission to be silly again, the only person judging yourself is you.

3: Connect with the friends who make you laugh

Maybe you used to have a lot of office banter, but a few people have left the office. Reconnect for a few drinks with the people who knew how to make you laugh and lift your spirits.

4: Go to a comedy gig

It may sound obvious, but then sometimes the solution is actually staring us in the face. Who is your favourite comedian? Find out their next tour dates and book you and a friend in to go

5: Do something you would have loved as a teenager

Remember how much fun theme parks were, shopping days with the girls or getting to see a footie match – what have you been missing that would bring out your teenager again?

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If you want to find out more about how laughter affects your brain check out this Ted Talk by Sophie Scott.