In both ancient and modern cultures it is believed that animals carry meaning, wisdom and power. Animals are driven by intuition and instinct, they survive and thrive by relying on their senses. Today, humans have developed their intellect and rationale to a point where relying on gut feelings and intuition are often overlooked. By reconnecting with the animal world we can rediscover our more spiritual and intuitive selves. It is believed that each of us has a spirit animal and if we can allow ourselves to connect with the essence and power of that animal they can guide us through life.

My own animal guide.

My horse is my animal guide. It was during a challenging period of transition and change that she appeared in my life. I had felt myself drawn back towards horses and out of the blue a close friend needed to find a new home for her. Her existence in my life has brought me joy, helped me through times of great sadness and taught me more about myself than I thought possible. All animals are intuitive to our moods and whilst they cannot speak to us they can guide us and communicate through their actions. As an example, trying to catch my horse when I am feeling frustrated or angry, is impossible. She simply refuses to come near me until I have gone away and managed my emotions and returned with a more positive and welcoming energy. She doesn’t need to say a word.

How do you find your spirit animal?

You cannot choose your animal. Your spirit animal will find you when the time is right and you are in need of guidance. They may come to you as an image in your dreams, or perhaps in mediation. Alternatively they may choose to come to you in a physical form, perhaps you will have multiple encounters with a certain animal in a short space of time or an animal in your life may start to exhibit unusual behaviours around you… or perhaps as in my case an animal will turn up unexpectedly in your life.

What does each animal mean?

Be it a spirit animal or an animal close to us, animals are always trying to tell us something. In shamanic traditions around the world all animals carry a symbolic nature and below, I have selected a few of my favourite spirit animals.

Hawk – Vision, Intuition, Spirituality. The hawk is the messenger of the sprit world. It is believed to be a good companion for those seeking spiritual awareness and to guide those needing to see things with clarity or from a higher perspective.

Snake – Healing, Support, Transition, Growth. The snake is a symbol of healing and opportunity. The presence of the snake can point to a period of transition and may guide you towards ways of personal growth.

Horse – Freedom, Intuition, Passion, Sexual Energy. The horse can guide you in to finding balance between the instinctive and the rational parts of your personality and emotions.

Wolf – Instinct, Intelligence, Freedom, Social Connection. The wolf is a reminder to keep the freedom of your spirit alive and to trust your instincts to help you find your way.

All animals have a relevance and meaning, so next time you find yourself in a chance encounter with an animal, open yourself up to the possibility that they may have been to sent to guide you.