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Feel fulfilled in a way that you've never experienced.

What if you haven't found what's missing because you've been looking in the wrong places? Imagine knowing you're complete just as you are and that all you want is everything you have within you.

If you're thinking there must be more to life than this and you're ready to do the inner work that activates true satisfaction, then you're in the right place.

Awakening to a spiritually guided life and the energy that gives you life force is how you claim your highest success, happiness and love—I can show you how.


Hi! I'm Lydia

Channel, Energist, and Master Life Coach

I believe that no one should feel trapped in their life, nor do they have to be. If you're claiming to be happy when, in reality, you're tolerating the sense that something is missing, it can cultivate the belief that who you are, what you have, and what you do are never enough.

The true path to living a deeply fulfilling life is activated through the inner work you do to feel complete from the inside. This is a process of reclaiming your true self, and I've helped thousands of people navigate this since 2010.

The fastest path to true fulfilment is by addressing the energy informing who you're being. I do this through a process I call Genetic Integrative Healing that uses energy, frequency and light code to connect to your Unique Energetic Framework. 

Claiming your highest success, happiness and love, doesn't have to be exhausting, once you activate the universal codes within—I will show you how.

Lydia Kimmerling+Master+Life+Coach

Lydia Kimmerling

Transformation Tales

Ferne McCann Lydia Kimmerling

"Working with Lydia gave me a whole new lease of life. After a difficult period in the public eye, I needed to find myself again and regain a sense of confidence. Having Lydia as my coach unlocked a greater sense of happiness and connection that enabled me to feel positive about my new direction."

Ferne McCann - TV Personality & Model

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Choosing to engage in inner work is a step-by-step journey where you awaken to your more authentic self. As you gain greater self-awareness, you equip yourself with the tools needed to make the changes you desire in your life.

This tends to be a layer by layer process which is how I offer my services. If you're just getting started on your journey within, then start at the beginning, with number one, two or three. Or if you feel further ahead and want to go to the next level of your development, then jump right in with number four, five or six.

Discover where you are in the options below to be guided to the best choice for you right now.

Lydia Kimmerling





You're curious but you're not ready to invest in a one-to-one experience with Lydia just yet? Step into The More Store, your gateway to tailor-made online experiences. Whether you're seeking meditation, masterclasses, or comprehensive programmes, unlock getting started today.




Book your one-to-one Channelling Session with Lydia now. This is for you if you want quick answers and a portal to unparalleled wisdom. An excellent entry point for you if you want the momentum to make a plan, start living from your higher self and to move forward. 





You're a Happy Person but you feel like you should be happier and you don't know why you're not. You want the inner growth, tools and plan that moves you forward. Great for new comers and those stuck in self-sabotage wanting elevation, in just 6-weeks.




You're a Truth Seeker who's craving a spiritual immersion that promises to awaken a deep soul connection, where effortless manifestation creates abundance and flow in all areas of your life and you're hungry for your next level of spiritual expansion, this is for you.





You're a Visionary Business Leader who wants an extraordinary approach to success.  Ascend into a higher conscious, fourth-dimensional framework by learning how to put your energy at the heart of it all and spiritually align your purpose.




You're a Male Multimillionaire who's achieved the pinnacle of success, conquering the business world and surrounding yourself with the trappings of success. Yet, deep down, there's a nagging feeling that something vital is missing—the elusive happiness you've been striving for.


Lydia Kimmerling

Lydia Kimmerling


Transformation Tales

andrea-caamano-_Editor of hello magazine

"When I started working with Lydia, I was feeling low and lost but two weeks in, I was a different person. My mindset has been reset and I am ready to conquer the world and my dreams after taking on her programme.

Her valuable advice has helped me in my personal and professional life and I could not sing her praises higher or louder. If you sign up for a course this year - let it be this one."

Andrea Camaano - Online Editor, Hello! Magazine

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