Lydia Kimmerling The happiness explorer


I believe that no one should feel trapped in their own life, no one.

Growing up, I felt trapped by my religious up bringing, which is why at 16, I left home and school to discover my own freedom. Now, the one thing I know for sure, is that my purpose is to help fellow happiness explorers (just like you) live freely and fearlessly as the truest and fullest expression of themselves.

Although I accomplished a lot by a young age (at 21 I was an assistant tv producer for T4, at 22 I had my own restaurant in Panama), no matter what I accomplished, it was never enough. I'd say, “I'll be happy when... I get that job...move to that that guy... or lose that weight". My discontentedness meant I looked for happiness in all the wrong places - alcohol, sugar, relationships, exercise, success - until at 30, I was completely lost and stuck, asking “What will make me truly happy?"

I certainly don't have all of the answers.

However, two years of training to be a Life and Business Coach, being PCC certified with The International Coaching Federation, 2500 hours of working one-to-one with clients and a ridiculous amount of time spent watching Oprah videos, listening to Tony Robins recordings, reading self-growth books and £15'000 on being coached myself, means I've learnt a lot about our shared fears, doubts and worries and more importantly, how to overcome them. It starts with exploring what makes you happy. By getting to know what you truly think and believe about yourself and the world (not what society, religion or your parents think) you liberate yourself from fear, self-doubt and worry, which enables you to live in more freedom. Happiness in the now isn't an end destination, it's a life long journey and a decision you make in every moment.

If you want to begin in this moment, right now, it requires you to take a good, honest look at the 'shit' in your life.

I have (and still do!) - this is how I did it...

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