6/18: Happiness Hack A Day – Support Yourself

Too often we rely on the brain we want to reprogramme, to remember that we want to reprogramme it. Which is why I always say, use your environment to support you.

Here’s an example of what I mean by using your environment to support you. Write how you want to see yourself change (your affirmation) on your mirror. This way each time you see it, it’s slowly working into your subconscious and reminding you of how you want to change.

Or, if you want a daily reminder to stay motived and think positively, watch today’s video for a fun idea you can make as a gift for yourself or even a friend.

Personal growth and accomplishing big goals, isn’t always easy. So give yourself a break, don’t be too hard on yourself and make sure you have the right support in place to hold yourself accountable. Even if that is your mirror or the daily motivation jar I talk about in the video.

And if making 2019 your happiest year yet, is really, really important to you, find out more about my FREE 5-day New Year Kick Starter, by clicking this link http://www.bit.ly/NYKS2019

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