How music can lift your soul

Trying to beat a rough day at work? Or lift yourself from the winter blues? Here’s how music can lift your soul

Whenever you are down and feeling blue, remember, music can be your companion no matter what.

Music is an instant mood booster, the pulse of a piece of music can directly affect and mobilize neurotransmitters and hormones responsible for how we are feeling.

So how are you consuming music on a daily basis?

For many of you, the day starts with an alarm which is usually the phone. So what sings to you the moment open your beautiful eyes? If you’re not a morning person then you most certainly won’t be if you’re greeted with a rather offensive Radar or Standard Alarm. So perhaps something to think about is how you might incorporate a melody that brings harmony but still does its job to wake you up. If you have a rather sophisticated phone you can even opt for your favourite song instead of a default sound.

Often my day starts with music in the shower.

The louder the better. There are great speakers out there at a reasonable price. I recently purchased a wonderboom (what a great name!) which is exactly what is says on the tin! The portable speaker is light, small, loud, lasts for hours & waterproof so highly recommend it. Music often saved my soul on the toughest of days in the office whilst I lived the corporate life so investing in a decent pair of discreet headphones is another option, unless of course the classic F### Off I’m busy statement Beat headphones or equivalent, may well be your thing and make being anti-social a more fashionable affair.

Technology is incredible and the beauty of the smart phones is that music is so accessible from our phones and lots of it.

There are so many options to choose from but 2 of my favourite sources to stream music are: Soundcloud & You Tube both are free (occasional ads) however you do have the option to subscribe which will be ad free and allow you to play music when offline. The function in You Tube allows you to type in your favourite tune and then select 50+ options that gives you an hour or so of similar music, allowing you to make new discoveries to feel inspired. Soundcloud I love because you have the option to build albums & playlists, and also start a radio based on the current song, so again offering you new music/artists to keep you inspired. Spotify is also another popular choice. The beauty is that people love to share so if you hear something you love, ask people what it is or where it’s from and they often will have ability to open access to their playlist for you also to enjoy. I have been known on many occasions to collar the Yoga Teacher after to get the tunes that have just set my soul on fire!

Shazam is another great app, if you don’t have it, this wonderful creation allows you to hover and pick up the track and artist in the hit of a button which can explain why you’ll find the occasional weirdo standing in the corner of the restaurant on a chair waving their phone at the speaker.

Music & Me Time

My former drunken Friday nights soon got substituted with Friday music browsing with a cup of tea when I started teaching Yoga early Saturday mornings. This became my thing as I built the playlist for each Saturday class and discovered just how much I loved music and discovering new tunes. You can literally get lost in music, feel great, spend some quality alone time and wake up hangover free.

Bubble baths have also become a ritual.

You could make an evening for you with nice scented candles, some special oils and lay back and sing along to your favourite album or playlist. And you may find yourself saying NO a little more and saying YES to more YOU time. In the words of Sarah Knight Sorry, NOT sorry. Also, a great TED talk that’s worth a watch by Sarah is called The magic of not giving a F###.

Making chores more fun or peaceful with music is a beautiful way to lift your mood when approaching mundane tasks such as scrubbing tiles or washing up. Your neighbours may think you’re bonkers if spying through the kitchen window but who cares! Just remember to put some clothes on or you may make more friends than you’d bargained for.

Remember we have only have a little go at this business called life so we may as well make it an enjoyable journey.

Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears, straight to the heart.

Here’s a little piece of my heart which you make take some inspiration from.

Vuela con amor-Mitsch & Suyana

Gayatri Mantra- Tina Malia

Water from the same source-Rachel’s

Invocation to the lotus-Ani Choying Drolma

All we need-Odesza

Bad Karma-Axel Thesleff

Vibrasphere-Tierra Azul

Laurens Walking -Angelo Badalamenti (the straight story soundtrack)

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