If you’ve been watching the news lately or following social media, you’ll know that the UK voted out of the EU – Brexit. Now in terms of Brexit whether you voted ‘in’, ‘out’ or you couldn’t care less because it always rains in the UK and you’re somewhere else in the world, I’ve been left with a feeling of wanting more togetherness – not just for my country but for my life too.

Divides are always painful; relationships, families, companies or countries, but we can all learn something valuable from division, especially when it’s used in Maths. A sum always has the same ending, one number. Even if it’s made up of lot’s of different numbers, as a sum, it is one number.

We are all one and togetherness is empowering.

I had already planned and filmed my video this week prior to the result but in light of the negative thoughts being openly shared on social media, I think it is relevant. So today I want to inspire more togetherness in our lives. What kind thoughts have you already had today…?


In this video I share what I learnt from making a pact with myself to share more of my kind thoughts and one insight that has been an incredible tool for keeping my mind empowered, open and filled with love. Watch now to learn why sharing your kind thoughts can empower not just your friends (or strangers) but yourself too.


I’ll help you explore and discover more of what makes you happy.

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