Worrying about money sucks.

You want to know that you can go for a nice meal with your friends and not have to scrutinise over what you order, or book a weekend away without having to go super budget on the hotel, or get that top just because you like it.

The truth is, a lot of the time we can be worrying about money even when we still have some – so it becomes more of a bad habit than a real worry.

So how do you end money worries when your bank balance isn’t showing you want you want to see?

The answer: Uncover your money blocks and blitz them.

That’s what I did, it didn’t happen over night and it’s an on going process – these little beauties can be deep rooted and have a whole Narnia style wardrobe of disguise, but once you get started they get easier and easier to let go of.

So what’s a money block then?

We all have them and I explain exactly what they are, how to uncover yours and my personal ritual that I did for myself this January to help me let go of my money worries – it’s worked like a treat.

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