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Lydia Kimmerling, ‘The Happiness Explorer', is a Professional Certified Life and Business Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation who has over 2500 hours of coaching experience and a Motivational Speaker with sold out events in the Uk and Ibiza. She has been named ‘Guru To Watch' by The Times, was the runner-up in Psychologies magazine's search for a new wise voice, has an 18,000+ strong following on social and is the official coach for McVitie's go ahead! Summer Buddy Project with Ferne McCann and Bradley Simmonds.

Lydia Kimmerling, ‘The Happiness Explorer’, is a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker who has been named ‘Guru To Watch’ by The Times, was the runner-up in Psychologies magazine’s search for a new wise voice and the official coach for McVitie’s go ahead! Summer Buddy Project with Ferne McCann and Bradley Simmonds.

She believes that no one should feel trapped in their own life and has dedicated her business to helping fellow Happiness Explorers get out of their happiness waiting game and break the cycle of saying “I’ll be happy when…”, so that they stop outsourcing their happiness to the future and discover what it means to be truly content, in the now.

Calling the white isle of Ibiza home, Lydia returns to the UK to speak at events including, The National Wedding show and Love You, Love Natural whilst also launching her own event in London this year, More Happiness Now. Whilst in Ibiza she is regularly invited to speak at retreats ran by wellness experts including Lindsay Jay and Mirella Ingamells, plus launching her own retreat too, Life Cleanse The Journey this year too.

It’s not all work though!

Lydia says: “The key to being a happiness explorer is being committed to a journey of inner self-exploration, that leads to the discovery of even more happiness and freedom to enjoy your life.”

Which, alongside helping others to explore and find more of what makes them happy, for her means, long lunches on the beach and dancing the summer nights away listening to her boyfriend DJ.

What Makes Lydia The Happiness Explorer

Age 16: Decided she didn’t need more education and left The B.R.I.T Performing Arts school
Age 17: Hustled to land the role as receptionist at Tiger Aspect Productions
Age 19: Ran away from the city to Corfu for a season where she became a cook
Age 20: Worked as an assistant producer for T4’s MTV awards in Rome
Age 21: Opened an Asian Fusion restaurant in Bocas Del Toro, Panama
Age 25: Returned home to present for London TV and interview David Attenborough
Age 26: Taught Hip Hop in Penzance and won a competition with her under-14s
ÔÇ¿Age 28: Flew around the world working as Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew
Age 29: Became certified as a Life Coach and co-created three life coaching apps
ÔÇ¿Age 30: Executive Confidence Coach for Thames Water and Lloyds Bank
Age 31: Moved to Ibiza, started her coaching business and developed her six-step Life Cleanse
Age 32: Named ‘Guru to watch’ in The Times and came runner-up in Psychologies magazine’s search for a new wise voice
Age 33: Rebranded as The Happiness Explorer, trained a team of four new coaches and began her next chapter as an author

Exerpt from her forthcoming book: Life Cleanse

If my 28-year-old self had known that I would end up spending over £15,000 on my own persona growth, her eyes would have popped out of her head. But boy did I need it:

Slumped over my cousin’s toilet, shouting to her while she’s in the kitchen, I was pinching my stomach in between my fingers like a crab eating a sandwich and asking her if she thought that I had put on weight.

“You would be honest with me though, wouldn’t you?”

She walked in and looked me in the eyes without a blink at how vulnerable I must have looked: knickers around my ankles, a big purple cast on my left leg, and tears running down my face…

“Yes, you have.”

I took a sharp inhale. Honesty hurts like breathing in ice-cold air, but it’s also invigorating. It was refreshing and exactly what I needed to wake me up. Enough was enough, my life was going to change.

I had moved from Cornwall with all intentions of leaving my partying ways behind me and really sorting my shit out. But breaking my ankle the first month I moved to Brighton had put a stop to my life moving forward in more ways than one. They say that ill health can be a reflection of what needs to change in your life and, in this case, the feet that would normally have helped me run into the future hoping that it had all the answers could not physically take me.
What had happened to the successful girl who straight out of school was tearing up the city and totally living her dream? How had it come to this? I wanted to love my life, love my body, and love myself but the only way I knew how to feel good was to run away and start all over again. But now I had no cash in my pocketÔÇöI was on the dole, carrying extra weight (no matter how obsessive you are about exercise, alcohol and sugar win against only one working foot), had no one to lean on (my boyfriend refused to hold hands in public), and was still battling with those damn voices in my head (and too embarrassed to tell anyone about them). I didn’t have the mental, physical, or emotional strength to hop away, even if I had wanted to.

Luckily though I didn’t want to. I had only just moved again and something was telling me to stick it out.

Six months later, my life looked very different but I felt even worse. My ankle had healed and I was flying around the world for Virgin Atlantic as Cabin Crew, trying to figure out what to do next with my life whilst on four-night Caribbeans. As glamorous as it sounds, I spent most of my time sobbing into my hotel room carpet begging for some direction and answers. Those answers seemed to be waiting for the comfort of home to reveal themselves because it was my bedroom floor that absorbed the final sob and showed me the way.

It’s funny: You don’t know that you’ve reached your ‘had enough’ moment until you’ve come out the other side of it.

I thought I was having mine in my cousin’s bathroom that day, but I was wrong. It wasn’t until the voices in my head had become unbearable, saying things that were too scary to repeat, and until I felt truly alone and completely trapped that I broke. Now I could finally put myself back together again.

Hands turned upwards, palms open, there in child’s pose I completely surrendered to the beige carpet still stained with red wine from the party we had had last Christmas. For once, I realised that I didn’t have the answers to everything and I asked for help. I had no idea who I was speaking to, but when you fall to your knees and beg for something you can’t see to help you, it’s a good sign that you’ve hit you’re ‘had enough’ mark.

I knew I first had to heal my mind and when I finally peeled myself off the floor I had a life-changing thought. What if I stopped battling with the voices in my head and instead met them with the words love and peace? Well, for a couple of months I gave it a go and to my surprise it began to work. Six months later and with this torturous squatter in my mind now evicted I began to find more clarity, which led to making another huge leap: not drinking on New Year’s Eve of 2012.

What happened over the following twelve months was such a huge transformation it’s hard for me to even remember who I had been. All of the layers that had been hiding my true self fell away and I could see that I had been looking for happiness in all the wrong places.

I had for so long thought it was about having more, being more, and doing more, but because that had never fully satisfied me I was trapped in a cycle of saying, “I’ll be happy when…”

The fewer layers of fear, self-doubt, and worry there were, the more happy I became:

I completely healed the voices in my head and they have never come back I lost over a stone and have maintained my ideal weight
I stopped binging on sugar and alcohol
I created a relationship so full of love I could burst
I moved to the location of my dreams
I found my purpose and created a successful business from it I learned to love myself and my body
I tripled my income and realised my earning potential
I found a whole new community of like-minded friends

In that twelve months, I took six important steps, steps which I have now shared in over 1,500 hours of coaching and that I now call my six-step Life Cleanse.

Do I think I have all of the answers now? Hell no! But I can share how to be happy without needing all of the answers which, in my book, is far more useful than trying to figure everything all out.

Life only goes and surprises you anyway.