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Over ten years of helping professionals who feel stuck in life and work, we have come to learn what's missing for people when they seek change. No one wants to feel unmotivated, nor do most people want the pressure of finding a new job, but when we can't figure out how to change things, there seems to be no other answer. With our training programme, we don't want to encourage your employees to leave, we want to empower them with tools that emotionally connect them to their work, motivating them to be their best self, with you.

There are 12 key Happiness Drivers, that people seek more of when they become unhappy at work. The purpose of our five-step training programme, is to emotionally reconnect participants to these drivers, so that through a process of self-discovery, they shift from 'having to work' to 'wanting to work'.

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Five-Step Programme

Each module is a 30 day process that follows five steps - evaluate, discover, breakthrough, action, transform - that guarantee development is taken outside of the training room and into work.

Our comprehensive programme includes practical workshops, one-to-one coaching and group coaching, with the option of adding out of the office, experiential learning days.

Each participant will also have individual support from one of our coaches, so that they can personally apply the programme to their work and life. Their monthly coaching session will breakthrough hidden blocks and hold them accountable to taking action, so that you see visible behaviour change.

Long term change doesn't happen over night, it requires real time to integrate the learning. Having the support of a coach over an extended period, enables fully integrated transformation and is why we recommend the full programme of all six modules (six months). However, modules can also be booked individually according to the needs of the company, as can the coaching and experiential learning.

This programme is for 10 - 30 people, for any role and at any level.

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