Life has been tapping you on the shoulder for a while, whispering that it's time to do something different with your life. But now it's no longer a whisper and more of a megaphone you can't ignore. You're longing for a change in direction, you want to do something that fulfils you, giving you a new sense of purpose to life, except, you can't figure out what the hell to do next and the not knowing means you feel stuck, lost and stressed.

What are you waiting for?

  • Become crystal clear on your direction in life
  • Create a solid, step-by-step plan to get you there
  • Receive the tools to unlock your greater potential


Take back control of your life to shape your future and realise your greater potential. Partnering with your personal Happiness Explorer coach, you'll work through three steps to move forward in your life - the Happiness Explorer three Cs: Clarity, Confidence & Creation. Over 12 weeks, with a session every 10 days, your coach will unlock the answers you need to leave doubt and worry behind you and take your life to the next level.

You are here : Crossroad
Leave: Right Now
Arrive: 12 Weeks
Destination : Clarity
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"I was a typical 30 something with everything I thought I wanted but still felt like something was missing. I always thought that I needed to have some big life changing dream that I needed to chase in order to find true happiness. I spent so much time worrying about doing all the things 'people' expected me to. Once I started just being true to myself instead of other people, I automatically became the person I had always tried so hard to be. It really was life changing."

Alicia Freimuth Financial Analyst

"I never would have considered working with a life coach before but I was at a point in my life where I was worried about how the future was going to work out. Now I know that it's about bringing out your best and that's what coaching has done for me."

Tom Grimes DJ

"I was at a low point and crossroads in my life, but now I love all aspects of my life. I fell back in love with my job, I love myself, regained a healthy relationship with food and dropped a dress size, I have let go of the past and no longer fear failure."

Elaine Denton Health & Fitness Manager


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