Manifesting Masterclass

Practical answers that make manifesting work for you, without the woowoo.

You want to understand how manifesting works so that you can make your life better. Either it's not working for you or it works only some of the time and you're wondering what you're doing wrong?

I can help you.

In this practical and high energy, 75 minutes class, you will:

Be guided through a clear and easy to understand, step by step process, for setting huge goals and making them happen

Learn why what you've been trying has failed and why most people feel like they are doing it wrong

Super charge your motivation, direction, hope, focus, inspiration, self-belief and fun

Leave with a plan so that you can move forward with more clarity and confidence

Hear inspiring stories from people just like you who have applied these tools and manifested huge change in their lives

Receive a big energy shift via Lydia's hugely impactful and highly positive delivery

This is an online course and yours to own for just: £14.99

Join me Lydia Kimmerling, Master life coach and motivational speaker, with over ten years of experience, to kickstart your year and change your life.


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