The Happiness Reset

Are you ready to feel happier without drastically changing your life in less than 7-days?

BUT being happier WILL drastically change YOUR life

The Happiness Reset is a 6-step process that elevates all areas of your life to feel happier so that you take more positive action and create the success that you want to see.

Imagine seeing the life you really want to live unfold as a result of you being your happiest self, instead of it feeling so hard all of the time.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You want to change direction but you don't know what to next
  • You feel like there is more out there for you but you're not sure what that is
  • You doubt yourself and your decisions which is often accompanied with self hatred
  • You worry about what other people think of you and feel trapped by this
  • You feel blocked in someway and know that you're holding yourself back
  • You are always taking care of others and feel drained from putting your own well-being last
  • You fall into patterns of thinking that undermine your ability to feel truly happy where you are right now
  • You find the negative in most situations and have lost your sense of joy, often waking up dreading the day
  • You are constantly stressed by people or situations you have no control over leaving you unhappy and miserable
  • You keep pushing yourself harder and harder to reach your goals only to feel happy for a little while

You can be and I will show you how


It only takes small changes to make a difference towards living YOUR very best life.

So we often put time, energy and money into things that ultimately leave us feeling flat, unhappy and wanting more.

The good news is that happiness is available to you. There is more out there for you, but it’s not ‘out there,’ it’s within you.


You want the tools to be able to take control of your life?

This course is the education that you should have been taught at school. Imagine how your life will change once you know how to:

  • Become a visionary

  • Live in the now

  • Stop negative self talk

  • Start real self love

  • Raise your worth

  • Reprogram your thoughts

  • Uncover limiting beliefs

  • Create personal power

  • Set strong boundaries

  • Say no without the guilt

  • Create positive habits

  • Overcome procrastination

  • Break down big goals

  • Hear your intuition

  • Learn to let go

Seven days. Six Steps. A lifetime of wisdom.

There are six happiness blocks that rob you of the happiness that is rightfully yours.

Each block is a fear that will secretly sabotage you from creating success in your life.

Over 7-days you will discover the block that is strongest in your life and how after uncovering it, it can be used to drive positive change in your life.

I will show you how.

Lydia x

  • Block 1: The Fear Of The Unknown

    This block shows up as not knowing what to do in your life and feeling stuck at a crossroad. In this step we focus on how to create a vision whilst staying present in the now, so that you know what you want and  feel excited, without this fear sabotaging you.

  • Block 2: The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough

    This block shows up as having low self worth and and not speaking to yourself kindly. In this step we will focus on how to have an amazing relationship with yourself so that you do what is best for you, without this fear sabotaging you.

  • Block 3: The Fear Of Being Wrong

    This block shows up as the feeling that you're not living your life for you and a difficulty in making decisions. In this step we will focus on how to master your mind and what you think, so that you feel in control of your life, without this fear sabotaging you.

  • Block 4: The Fear Of Being Judged

    This block shows up as people pleasing and drama in your life. In this step we focus on how to validate yourself and have personal power so that you have the energy to make empowered choices, without this fear sabotaging you.

  • Block Five: The Fear Of Failure

    This block shows up as procrastination and going around in circles. In this step we will focus on how to take positive action so that you can move forward in your life, without this fear sabotaging you. 

  • Block 6: The Fear Of Change

    This block shows up as feeling anxious and worrying about the future. In this step we focus on how to be guided by your intuition, so that you can trust yourself and your life without this fear sabotaging you.

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