• - £299
    Great for you, if you are a self motivated kinda person, who can commit and dedicate themselves to an online course, without any extra accountability. Or simply, that this feels like a comfortable first step for you. INCLUDES T.H.E 7-day Life Cleanse programme
    - £399
    PROGRAMME AND 7-DAY COACHING PARTNERSHIP This is for you if you feel really very stuck and would like some one-to-one time with one of our Happiness Explorer coaches, who can help you find the clarity you’re looking for, so that you can overcome your blocks and move forward. We recommend this package because working with a coach along side the programme means that you are accountable to someone else asides from yourself, which means you will dedicate yourself to the process more and not sabotage your success. Your coach will help you to apply what you are learning directly into your life so that you see and feel the transformation you’re looking for, much more quickly. INCLUDES: T.H.E 7-Day Life Cleanse Programme Two one-to-one virtual coaching sessions with your coach 24/7 WhatsApp support with your coach T.H.E. Meditation Pack T.H.E. Inspiration Pack
    - £1,549
    PROGRAMME AND 12 WEEKS COACHING Our most empowering programme is T.H.E. Crossroad To Clarity – 12 week coaching partnership. Crossroad To Clarity takes you on a journey from being absolutely clueless about what you want next in life, what you're passionate about, what will fulfil you or what your strengths are, to having certainty about who you are and what you really want to do, with an excited new lease for life too. To find out more about this programme, please click the link below to arrange a free call with one of our Happiness Explorer coaches, who can talk you through the programme and help you decide if this is right for you. Plus, when you sign up to T.H.E. Crossroad To Clarity, we give you access to T.H.E. 7-day Life Cleanse programme for free.