Hello! We Are Happiness Explorer Coaches

All of our coaches have taken The Happiness Explorer – Become a Coach Programme, where they have been personally trained and mentored by Lydia Kimmerling. They all have over 60 hours of coach training and come with a multitude of other skills and experience including - counselling, energy healing, meditation, equine experiential learning, marketing expertise, motivational speaking and yoga instruction. They're an inspirational bunch who thrive on supporting you to be your best. To get to know them more, click an image to read their full bio.

Jacqui Vaughan

Follow your dreams, trust your instincts and surround yourself with people who inspire you...

Justine Clifford

A Happiness Explorer Yogi- committed to inspiring, encouraging, supporting and empowering others on their journey to happiness and freedom. Much Love.xx

Steph Cullen

Oxford graduate, corporate leader and World Champion athlete, Steph knows what it's like to push yourself to the top and then work hard to stay there. She also knows what it is to look like you have everything and yet still not feel happy or fulfilled. This has taken her on her own journey to joining the Happiness Explorer team as she seeks to help others who are seeking something different to where they are today.

Before I started coaching with Jacqui I was lost and stuck in the middle of a junction with multiple exits. I found myself going round in circles and the saying you can't see the wood for the trees was where I was at!

Jacqui helped me realise what I wanted and how I was to go about getting it. Coaching was a space to explore everything that was on my mind and just that alone was a great help. Sometimes hearing things out load makes you realise that a lot of our thoughts are just the rubbish we fill out heads with and overthinking can block us from what we really want to achieve. Jacqui helped me to realise this and taught me to recognise when it was happening so I could take a breath and stop. Not only has this helped me in my career direction, but also in my day to day life.

I highly recommend working with Jacqui and am so grateful for her holding my hand whilst I got myself back on track. I feel so much better both mentally and physically. Not only is Jacqui an inspiration, I consider her a friend too.

Zeta Kearney Brand Ambassador at Chiringuito Blue

"Jacqui is an amazing coach who was dedicated to helping me achieve my goals and change my behaviours. She is a warm, open and fabulous person and extremely intuitive.

We identified limiting beliefs I had no idea I held and that were having such a huge impact on my behaviours. I have developed strategies that help me cope with situations that normally would of totally freaked me out.

I would 100% recommend her to anyone wanting to improve and change their life for the better.”

Roisin O’Neill Make Up Artist

I would recommend working with Jacqui because life is too short to coast. Sometimes we need help and a little push to get outside the comfort zone and find out what we’re made of. I surprised myself. I thought I was approaching retirement and hadn’t got anything else ‘in me’.


My biggest gain from coaching was moving from thinking and talking about doing something, to taking action.”

Hayley Jarvis Vegan Food Blogger