Make everyday
a good day

The Happiness Reset: FOR WORK

You know those days when you wake up
on the right side of the bed?

A glorious morning when your eyes blink open before the alarm bell brings you sharply into reality. Getting ready for work flows seamlessly, with everything in order and no rushing to arrive at work on time. There’s a spring in your step, a seat on the tube and a coffee in your hand. 

It’s going to be a good day.

Lydia is inspirational and intuitive, but also very practical. She has a natural gift to unlock your happiest self!

– Lorraine Heggessey


The Happiness Reset: For Work has been formed from hundreds of hours experience coaching professionals who feel unhappy at work. What Lydia Kimmerling (founder and programme creator) discovered from ten years of listening to professionals who felt unfulfilled, unmotivated and uninspired by their work, is that once her clients learned how to feel happier, the idea of changing their career became less important – they no longer felt stuck. In fact, 70% of her clients stayed exactly where they were, with many of them being offered a promotion, which they attributed to feeling happier.

Shawn Anchor, author of The Happiness Advantage, has found that the brain works much better when a person is feeling positive. At those times, individuals tend to be more creative and better at solving problems

I was a typical 30 something with everything I thought I wanted but still felt like something was missing. I liked my job but I just wasn’t feeling my happiest. I always thought that I needed to have some big life changing dream that I needed to chase in order to find true happiness. I spent so much time worrying about being all the things ‘people’ expected me to be.
Once I started just being true to myself instead of other people, I automatically became the person I had always tried so hard to be. Confident, successful and fun. It really was life changing. I found a new lease of love for my work and I was offered the promotion of my dreams. Of course, there are still the odd bad days, but now I know how to rise above them and not think that I have to do something else or be someone else to feel happier.


Our six step process uncovers the common fears, worries and doubts that cause us to feel stuck in work and life and how to recognise, breakthrough and overcome them – gradually moving participants closer to a new level of happiness, resulting in more joy, engagement and motivation, with you.


Our workplace training programme is for forward-thinking companies who want to have happy employees and believe in the human value of business. Maybe your company continuously works to put employee happiness first or its recently become a focus for the company. Were not here to convince you that its important, you already know that. Each company is unique, just as every employee is, which is why we want to partner with you on nurturing a happier company, driving better results.


  • Turn stress into something they can use positively
  • Focus on the present, so that they can be more in control of their thoughts
  • Stop creating What if?scenarios and be comfortable in the unknown
  • Know when and how to switch off, relax and re-energise
  • Be more adaptable and resilient in stressful situations
  • Use the power of breath to quickly find their calm
  • Recognise when they are approaching burn out and have practical steps to avoid it
  • Prioritise balance and wellbeing to perform their best at work
  • Declutter their life at home and work to make mental and emotional space
  • Uncover and pursue feel good factors in and out of work
  • Feel motivated about healthy eating and exercising to maintain a positive mindset


  • Be engaged in their work even when they are off the clock
  • Find the drive to get back on track after a difficult period at work
  • Be able to align their values to the companys values so that they can live out its purpose
  • Find meaning in their daily work in order to be fully engaged
  • Use purpose to make decisions and to feel more valued
  • Know why they are coming to work and why their work matters
  • Know how their work aligns with their personal values and aspirations
  • Know how as an individual they make a difference in the organisation and beyond
  • Create new positive beliefs surrounding work that untie feelings of being trapped
  • Disengage from false work culture presumptions and engage with the companys true culture


  • Uncover their values, so that they know how to find and connect to them at work
  • Be more creative so that they confidently contribute exciting new ideas
  • Become a visionary who leads from their heart
  • Find their voice in difficult situations so that they can speak up
  • Ignite their entrepreneurial spirit and use it to benefit the company
  • Shift negative habits that hold them back from fulfilling their potential at work
  • Create a good relationship with time so that they can stop chasing their tail and be more efficient
  • Be connected to their most empowered choice for working so that they always feel in control
  • Uncover situations and working relationships that feel stuck and move forward


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Don’t leave without checking out our school project that involves you. Every company who takes the programme gets to nominate up to six schools in their area where we will deliver a happiness talk for free.


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