Boost employee happiness now

The Happiness Reset: FOR WORK

You want your staff to be happy – and not just because you know that happy people perform better. 

But because it’s been a tough time and they need to know you care. With recent circumstances shaking the world to its core, you know that moving forward, employee happiness needs to be something more.

Something more than before.

Lydia is inspirational and intuitive, but also very practical. She has a natural gift to unlock your happiest self!

– Lorraine Heggessey, first woman to be controller of BBC1

I liked my job but I just wasn’t feeling my happiest. I always thought that I needed to have some big life changing dream that I needed to chase in order to find true happiness. I spent so much time worrying about being all the things ‘people’ expected me to be. Once I started just being true to myself instead of other people, I automatically became the person I had always tried so hard to be. I found a new lease of love for my work and I was offered the promotion of my dreams.

– Alicia Friemuth, Accountant

Don’t leave without checking out our school project that involves you. Every company who takes the programme gets to nominate up to six schools in their area where we will deliver a happiness talk for free.


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