Feel Happier Without
Drastically Changing
Your Life In Less Than 7-Days.

(BUT being happier WILL drastically change YOUR life).

You’re fed up with feeling like there’s MORE out there for you and going around in circles trying to figure out what that more is. I’ll flick a switch in you that ignites what you’re longing to find.

You can be happier than you are now and I will show you how

My 7-day programme – The Happiness Reset – is a six-step process that elevates all areas of your life to feel happier so that you take more positive action and create the success that you deserve.

There is more out there for you, but it’s not ‘out there’, it’s within you – and I know how to unlock it.

The Happiness Reset

The Happiness Reset

People who have Reset Their Happiness have:


Been offered surprise promotions



Met the love of their life and been proposed to



Lost stubborn weight to love their body



Turned inspiring ideas into successful businesses



Given up sugar, alcohol and impulse shopping

7-Days To Reset Your Thinking So That You Have An Unshakable Positive Perspective
  • Seven live reset classes with Lydia that dig deep and switch on your happiest self.
  • Daily accountability and motivation emails from Lydia direct to your inbox.
  • Six Happiness Reset MP3’s, including visualisations to accelerate your transformation.
  • Tools, knowledge and practical exercises to help you to take immediate positive action.
  • Join the private Facebook group and grab a boost of happiness whenever you need it.
I am going to teach you the six happiness truths
that you should have been taught at school.

You must be ready to challenge yourself to a new way of thinking that creates only positive outcomes

You must be prepared to put the effort in – because you are worth the hard work and the effort
You must want 7-days of emotionally invigorating and uplifting insights that blow your mind

Starts Friday 29th January 2021

On Zoom @ 9.30 am GMT

Daily live classes are at 9.30am GMT and all classes are recorded.

Secure your place – Take positive action now

The Happiness Reset

The Happiness Reset