The Soul Code

The Soul Code is an 8-week programme for curious soul seekers who want to awaken their life force and connect to spiritually guided success.

The Soul Code

The Soul Code is an 8-week self discovery and meditation programme for curious soul searchers who want to awaken their life force and connect to spiritually guided success.

The Soul Code teaches you how to 'do' life differently.

 Imagine feeling truly fulfilled because you have the deepest trust in life and yourself.

The Soul Code is the place to shape the next phase of your life in a way that is different to how you have ever done it before.

Less self-doubt, less pushing and less overwhelm with an abundance of knowing that everything is going to be ok.

Your next chapter is one where success and happiness are who you are, instead of what you're trying to get.

This course can help you if:

  • You want a deeper connection to yourself, filled with self-acceptance and trust.
  • You want to learn how you can be more present, in the moment and less overwhelmed.
  • You want to know how to attract the things in life which feel hard to get.
  • You want to know how to feel fulfilled without always needing another goal.
  • You want to think less and be able to progress with your meditation practice.
  • You want to commit to fulfilling your fullest potential and doing what's best for you.
  • You want to feel confident about the future and feel positive about 2023.
  • You want to create a spiritual practice that feels good for you.

The is just a few steps away.


Life CAN be easier.

We're living in a world shaped by beliefs that can trap you in a state of feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed and insecure.

Through a process of enlightening self-discovery, letting go and a connection to your higher self, you will expand your awareness and look at life with a new, liberating perspective.


Manifest the life you want whilst enjoying the journey.

The Soul Code will give you the tools to create the life you want by working on being true to yourself first. You will focus on changing your inner world, instead of seeking so much of your self-worth and happiness from the external world.

  • Calm your busy mind

  • Live from your heart

  • Discover internal success

  • Unlock emotional freedom

  • Listen to your intuition

  • Attract what you want

  • Learn to surrender

"I actually feel more alive!"

- Sarah C.

Here are a few of the outcomes you can expect.

  • Less anxiety and more confidence managing uncertainity.
  • You'll stop rushing all of the time and become present.
  • More energy for things like exercise, your work or your children.
  • You will think less and trust the guidance from your inner voice.
  • Worrying about things like money, time or ageing will impact you less.
  • You'll develop a rooted self-knowing that everything is always ok.
  • Unexpected good things will start coming into your life.
  • Love will be felt, soothing emotional pain and triggers in your life.
  • People and opportunities will be drawn to you because of your energy.

Eight Deep Dive Soul Code Sessions

This is a step by step process that guides you through the eight most common beliefs that can trap you in a state of feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed and insecure.

You will learn ancient wisdom for the modern world, that teaches you how to trust yourself, follow your inner guidance and be happy in the now. I will use my experience as a master life coach and energetics teacher to connect you to your true self and inner freedom.

Classes are 90-minutes and each class includes a live 30-minute quantum meditation to bring forward the embodiment of who you want to become and what you want to create.

 This is the code of your soul.

Lydia x

  • BELIEF 1: Your Mind Is Too Busy

    You struggle with a consistent meditation practice because you're someone who has a busy mind and this means that you don't prioritise it as much as you would like to. Or  maybe you have tried meditation, found it too difficult and are convinced that it just won't work for you - I will prove you wrong. During this class you'll learn how to disengage from your thoughts, quieten your mind and take control of what you think. This class will expand consciousness and  connect you to your wise, all knowing inner being, preparing you for 8 weeks of life changing, quantum mediation. 

  • Belief 2: You Just Want To Be Comfortable

    So often we aim to be comfortable in life, when in fact we want to much more. The irony is that whilst we are aiming for comfort we are enduring so much discomfort. Maybe there's much more that you want to attract into your life but certain things like a partner or more money feel hard to get. Have you tried using The Secret and to find that it doesn't work for everything? During this class we will explore and dive deep into the law of attraction and how it works, so that you can breakthrough any blocks you have around infinite receiving. Life wants to give you all that you desire and I want to teach you how to become a vibrational match for it all. A clue—more fun and playfulness. You'll begin to shape your desires for the future and learn how to manifest them into reality, fast.

  • Belief 3: You Are Who You Are

    Is there a part of you that knows you are settling in life because changing your negative behaviour patterns feels too hard? Sometimes we know what it is we need to do to change, but what's frustrating why we're not doing it.  There are identities that drive our behaviour which we are quite often not aware of. Layer by layer you will uncover what those may be for you, so that you can see how they are sabotaging you. There are pieces to you that must fall away to allow the new to come in. 

  • Belief 4: You Can Do It All And Be It All

    During this class we will explore the divine masculine and feminine energy and the distortion of these that's causing an imbalance. If you ever feel exhausted and wonder if it's all worth it—this class will give you your energy back in a profound way. Maybe you know that you have a greater potential and you can't rest knowing that you're not fulfilling it? Something is telling you that there must be another way or that you need to find more balance. Connecting to energy overall and seeing how you use and balance it in your life will help you feel aligned and on the right path. This class will improve the relationship to yourself and others.

  • Belief 5: You Must Be Busy To Be Successful

    During this class you will be taught how to get out of your head and into your body where you can allow your body's mind to take over and lead the way. Are you ever in a constant state of doing where you keep over booking your diary or saying yes to things and rarely giving yourself any time to breathe?  As well as your physical body you have an energetic body and your energetic body can guide you towards what is right for you. But when you are constantly in your head being busy, ambitious and striving for success, you will not be able to receive this subtle and powerful guidance. Let success become who you are not what you're trying to get.

  • Belief 6: You Must Be In Control Of Your Life

    Stepping into the unknown is something you want to be able to do more often but not knowing how things are going to work out can makes you feel nervous. When we need to feel in control of life it actually leaves us more up tight and stressed out state. During this class you will be taught how to surrender and get out of your own way, allowing the universe to step in and completely support you in your biggest goals. There is a life force that's greater than the engine you're relying on to make life happen, but you have to put the brakes on first.

  • Belief 7: Always Follow The Science

    In society we are trained to look outwardly for the truth and quite often we can be reluctant to believe or trust ourselves without any scientific proof first. Whilst science plays an important part in life, it's not always right and it's always changing. You have an inner guidance that can help you make decisions on what is right or wrong for you. There is most definitely a part of you that is not physical and that wants to help you. During this class you will be guided to connect to your greater self and how to hear the intuitive wisdom it's wanting to share with you.

  • Belief 8: You Should Avoid Feeling Pain

    Feeling pain is a part of life but as we grow up we are rarely taught how to manage traumatic experiences and process them. This means that the trauma gets stuck which leaves it to unconsciously play out in our everyday lives. Some of the pain affecting our behaviour doesn't even belong to us, it has been passed down from our ancestors. Being willing to lean into what needs healing within, is an important part of creating emotional freedom. During this class we will explore the purpose of emotional pain and how our struggles create more success. I will also share my journey of working with psychedelics to access altered states of consciousness for deeper soul healing.

"Lydia you're hynotising me with your meditations"

- Laura B.


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I'll show you how alive you can really feel.


Weeks. Start Today.

Hello lovely,

Together, let us embark on an extraordinary voyage of self-discovery—a profound journey of the soul that spans eight transformative weeks, leaving an indelible mark on our very beings.

Though I sense you have already ventured upon the path of self-exploration, it is the untapped reservoirs of growth and potential that call out to you—a realm of boundless possibilities that yearns to be discovered.

I humbly offer my hand as a guide, for I desire nothing more than to walk alongside you towards a life that is guided by the whisperings of the soul.


Lydia x

Complete in your own time.

With all of the classes being recordings, you are free to complete this programme at your own pace and in your own time.

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What's Included:

  • 8 x Deep Dive 90-Minute Soul Session recordings With Lydia Kimmerling

  • 8 x Quantum Meditation recordings from class

  • An App Where All Classes And Meditations Will Be Housed For Easy Access

  • Life time access to all content


Yes this programme will be suitable for you if you have never meditated before as Lydia will guide you through the process along the way.

If you do nothing, nothing will change.

Join Lydia for this one off opportunity to take your life to the next level.