Even though what he was asking me to do was clear, it wasn’t quite specific enough. In this circumstance it was something that I call ‘girl code’, an un-written understanding to be very specific and it made me wonder – how often is our communication not clear enough?

If you ever feel frustrated because life isn’t bringing you what you want, or you can’t get people around you to do what you need them to do, it could be because you’re not communicating clearly enough.

I know we can all find it hard to be direct with what we want, in fact there are two common blocks which I share in this video about why we hold back and fluff our words.

My communication has changed so much since I started to coach, part of the training is becoming a master communicator and there are a couple of swaps that I made to how I communicate which I wanted to share with you.

In this video I explain what inspired this blog, I share the two most common blocks I see that hold us back from communicating clearly about what we want and give you two easy swaps you can make in your own communication.

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