We always have some kind of a relationship with motivation even though it can be mysterious at times. I know it seems to disappear without a note, leaving you deflated, heavy and directionless and as if you don’t even want to get out of bed, but to be able to find it again, we really need to know where it comes from.

Most of the time we look to external sources to motivate us. “I just need A,B or C” and then I will be motivated. The problem lies in the fact that when A, B or C do not arrive or no longer motivate, we lose our motivation. However this does not mean you cannot BE motivated. So what do you do when motivation goes missing?

Empower yourself

The more we look to external sources to make us feel good the less power we have. As you may have experienced with something that motivates you, one day you can feel motivated to do it and the next you don’t. Like loosing weight or getting a new job. These drivers can motivate but they don’t always show up. You want to be in charge of what you feel and not give that power over to something else.

I have days when I don’t want to do anything and sometimes I’m ok with that. I kick back and watch RuPaul’s Drag Race back2back (if you haven’t watched this I highly recommend it). However, on the days where I want more for myself I need to stop looking or waiting for an external source to make me feel something and do what I would do if I already felt motivated.

So in short, stop sitting by the phone waiting for motivation to call and take action. Ask yourself “Well, what would I do if I did feel motivated?” The beauty of taking action in this way is that something changes on a visceral level, you are acting ‘as if’ you were motivated and your body and mind will respond as such. Then before you know it, motivation has come home, made a cuppa and you’ve empowered yourself to feel what you wanted to feel.