It’s been a busy few weeks for me, with non stop travelling and a number of projects coming together all at once, I’ve been exhausted.

The sob I had in the car last Sunday on the way to Space’s final ever closing after 27 years of being the best club in the world, had been waiting for its moment.

In typical boyfriend style, mine said “Do you feel better now you’ve had a little cry?” and to be fair, yeah I did, because I knew everything would be fine.

I had just made the biggest investment into my own success to date, £7000 for my mentor and coach.

Having worked with many coaches before, it’s not having my own coach that was unusual, it was the ease in which I said yes to investing in myself that surprised me.

I’ve come to learn that through investing in myself, others invest in me too and I see the return x 10. It’s not just a financial investment either, it can be time and energy too.

If you’re saying to yourself; “I just want to be able to fulfil my dream” yet you’re still not doing what it is you need to do, then this video is for you, because I share what holds us back from making the time, money or energy investment into ourselves and the benefits of YOU making that commitment TO YOURSELF now.

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