Lydia Kimmerling

Crack the code to lasting happiness and discover the six blocks sabotaging you from feeling content.

You want to move forward?

If you  you're at the beginning of your self-growth journey, facing a pivotal moment where you feel a sense of 'having had enough' and are uncertain about the next steps in your life, then this is for you.


You've been stuck in a loop of self-sabotage, feeling like you should be happier but don't know why you're not. Something feels like it's missing, but you're not sure what it is.


Now, an inner light has switched on to show you that you're not fulfilling your potential and is urging you to take action—I can help you.

Now picture this...

A six week partnership with me, including six one-to-one sessions, paired with my comprehensive online programme The Happiness Reset, where I take you on a deep dive journey within, to uncover the six happiness blocks, redefining who you are, why you’re here and what you’re doing with your life. 


If you've hit a crossroad in your life and you want to quit the happiness waiting game where you're caught in a cycle of saying 'I’ll be happy when... I have lost weight, met someone, or earned more money,' this is the education you should have received at school.




This process unfolds like a series of Russian dolls, each layer decoding the fear. worry and doubt that's blocking you from moving forward. My role is to systematically crack open each outer layer, revealing the authentic core of who you are.


Get started with a comprehensive life analysis quiz to discover how you can elevate yourself to your highest success, happiness, and love.


You'll be guided to uncover the six happiness blocks in my programme The Happiness Reset and understand how they are sabotaging your highest success, happiness, and love. Each week, you'll listen to recordings of  a life-changing meditation and a transformational class that unlocks clarity and direction.


Join me for six powerful one-to-one sessions where we unpack your current programming and recode your Unique Energetic Framework with your highest persective. Using masterful coaching, channelling and energetics, you'll rapidly transdform how you think and feel so that you have the confidence to make a plan and take action.


Hi! I'm Lydia...

I believe that nobody should feel stuck in life, and you definitely don't have to be. If you're putting on a happy face while deep down sensing that something's missing, it can make you think you're never quite good enough – who you are, what you've got, and what you achieve.

Since 2010 I've been helping individuals who, despite outwardly successful lives, sense an inner emptiness, to discover genuine life satisfaction through a journey of self-discovery.

The real secret to living a deeply satisfying life is all about doing the inner work to feel whole from the inside out. It's like finding your true self again.

My three-step method integrates coaching, energetics, and channeling to connect with your Unique Energetic Framework, unveiling hidden emotional blocks that create the illusion of inner-emptiness.

You can always have more and achieve more, but don't you just want to be happy? That's the secret to finally feeling fulfilled.

Welcome to the space where you'll uncover your "more."


REwrite your story and unlock the happiness you deserve!

Change Direction:

Rediscover your life's purpose and set a new course.


Cultivate a profound love for yourself to feel better and achieve more.



Stick to your goals, good habits, and best intentions effortlessly.

Courage & Confidence:

Quell anxiety about the future, replacing it with courage and confidence.

Action Over Procrastination:

Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to positive action.

A life-changing experience:

Say goodbye to self-sabotage and hello to the vibrant, fulfilled version of yourself.



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How it works?

In life, we encounter situations that form hidden emotional blocks, leaving unresolved energy in what I call your Unique Energetic Framework (UEF). As a seasoned life coach with extensive experience, my expertise lies in identifying and addressing the source of these emotional blocks. Through my own transformative journey (see my story), I've gained the ability to connect with your UEF and interpret the stored information, which I refer to as light code.

This unique approach allows me to offer a perspective that facilitates profound, lasting change. Specialising in guiding individuals through an internal journey, I unlock genuine life satisfaction by emphasising the connection between your inner beliefs and external manifestations. Many are unaware of their deep-seated beliefs, often rooted in early experiences, shaping their "I am" truths.

For example, if you unknowingly operate from 'I am not good enough,' you may strive for external validation, success, or recognition, yet never feel truly satisfied. My three-step method involves recalling the energy-stuck situation through deep connection, uncovering your 'I am truth' through coaching and energetics, and finally, embracing this aspect of yourself to stop fearing it and integrate it into your adult reality.

This journey of healing and self-discovery aims to reconnect you with your authentic self, promoting a sense of completeness and dispelling the illusion of inner emptiness. By understanding and embracing all aspects of yourself, you pave the way for genuine satisfaction and lasting transformation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Each week, prior to our one-to-one sessions, you will immerse yourself in a Rapid Reset MP3—an audio experience featuring a potent guided meditation and a comprehensive 60-minute deep dive class.

These transformative pre-study components are designed to enrich your knowledge and wisdom before our sessions, empowering us to delve even deeper into your personal growth journey.

They serve as a proactive preparation, providing clarity on the obstacles hindering your progress and helping you define your path forward.

Throughout our time together, each week will unravel one of the six fundamental happiness blocks that may be covertly impeding your journey. These include:

1. The Fear Of The Unknown
2. The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough
3. The Fear Of Being Wrong
4. The Fear Of Being Judged
5. The Fear Of Failure
6. The Fear Of Change

Our aim is to systematically dissolve these fears during our sessions, gradually replacing them with new programming that propels your life forward.

Lydia will employ a dynamic approach, incorporating coaching, channeling, energetics, and meditation to unlock your true self and connect you to the pinnacle of success, happiness, and love.

Are sessions recorded?

Sessions can be recorded and sent to you at request.

How much is it?

This 6 week experience with Lydia is  3 x monthly instalments of £650 or one payment of £1800 which offers you a saving of £150.

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How do I apply?

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery is a profound step, and I'm here to guide you through it. In our upcoming discovery call, I'll invest the time to understand your unique needs, aspirations, and the pivotal moment you find yourself in.

During our conversation, I'll walk you through the transformative process of the 6-week programme I've designed to help individuals like you break free from self-sabotage and unlock their true potential. We'll discuss the intricacies of the programme, delve into how it works, and explore the various payment options available.

I'm committed to ensuring that this journey aligns seamlessly with your goals and expectations. Together, we'll chart the course for your personal evolution.

And if, at the end of our call, you're ready to take the next step, we can sign you up right then and there. Imagine booking your first life-changing session with me—today.

Your transformation begins with a decision. Let's make it happen.

Please click here to apply and schedule an initial call.

How long are sessions?

Sessions are 60-minutes.

Refunds and Cancellations

Once the programme has started there are no refund options available. If you change your mind within two weeks of purchase and prior to getting started, you can opt for a full refund minus the non-refundable deposit of £300

What times are sessions?

Availability varies however your sessions will be booked with Lydia personally, and made to work with your schedule. There are no sessions after 7pm on weekdays or at weekends.

Lydia Kimmerling