The Fear Of Being Failure

How This Block Can Hold You Back

The fear of failure will stop you from even getting started on fulfilling your big dreams and is what lies beneath procrastination. If you think you're a procrastinator, what I want you to know is that it’s not who you are, but simply a manifestation of what you believe about who you are. If you find yourself making coffee, or watching Netflix, or doing the laundry or scrolling on social media, instead of starting the one thing that will make your life better, then this block is sabotaging you. If you get stuck trying to have everything figured out before you start, what ends up happening is that your goal becomes like an ominous mountain you need to climb. And all you do is stand at the bottom, staring up at the mountain, but not actually getting any closer to the summit.

How This Block Shows Up

The fear of failure will hold you back from ever getting started or it will convince you that everything needs to be perfect. Perfectionism is the shield we use to avoid failure at all costs. But the problem with perfectionism is that it can become one of those hidden blocks that unknowingly prevents you from getting started. If you relate to being a perfectionist, it's not all necessarily negative. Great work has been created as the result of perfectionism, because with perfectionism comes obsession and some of the world's amazing geniuses are, in fact, obsessive. The key is recognising when it can be used as a strength and when it holds you back.

Become The Trailblazer

 It doesn’t matter where you're at or how far ahead you are, you are on your path and that’s all that matters. You feel the flow of what wants to find you in life and are open to life surprising you. When you have ideas you feel confident just getting started. You are not worried about success and are more focussed on joy. You, nor you life need to be perfect for you to express your creativity. You accept that making mistakes is a part of carving a path to success. You regularly celebrate the small wins that you are accomplishing along the way. The feeling of being successful is felt daily as a result of being happy instead of reaching an outcome. You can comfortably celebrate other people's successes and no longer have the feeling that you should be further ahead in life.



The Happiness Reset

Imagine becoming The Trailblazer in your life—what would be different about how you're doing things now?

You can't keep waiting for everything to be perfect forever, convincing yourself you're happy when deep down you know that you're not fulfilling your fullest potential and that there's more for you.

How long will you continue to watch yourself doing exactly the thing that is keeping you stuck and not understanding why you're not changing?

You can take positive action towards making your life better and you can have the confidence, courage and self belief you need to be your most happy and successful self.

It's time to overcome what's been blocking you all of this time and discover the real you—happy, confident and successful.

Join The Happiness Reset, my 7-day programme that uncovers the 6 happiness blocks secretly sabotaging you from moving your life forward and creating success.

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