The Fear Of Being Judged

How This Block Can Hold You Back

Have you ever experienced a period in your life where you show up and you’re just ‘doing’ life: going to work, attending social events, being in a relationship, and you know that you’re doing a good job of convincing everyone except yourself that everything is great, but it feels like no one’s home?  The fear of being judged will leave you feeling hollow as though something is missing. It can create fear of life itself and stop you from enjoying everyday things, like meeting friends, going to work or joining classes. You may be going through something like this now or perhaps you don’t recall ever having a deep sense of loving life—it’s not uncommon, so don’t worry.

How This Block Shows Up

Imagine having unwavering inner strength because you’re living your life for you. The common trait that gets in the way of people accessing this infinite energy source is the need to please others even when it sucks the life out of them. Trying to please other people is exhausting because you’re always second guessing what someone else thinks is right, instead of being true to yourself. All this thinking about what works for everyone else leaves you running on empty, which leads to feeling resentful and unhappy.

You are extremely powerful and have the resources within to experience life in a more powerful way, but first you must learn not to be afraid of your own power. Your power is not about controlling others but is about energy. Power and energy go hand in hand—and just like you charge your mobile phone by plugging it into an energy source, you possess the personal power to create the change you want in your life. 

Become The Energiser

Your tank feels full, if not overflowing because you’re comfortable with serving your own needs. You’re consistently levelling up in your life by taking responsibility for what needs to be a no and fuelling your fire with what you say yes to in your life. You put the effort into the areas of your life that need addressing because despite it being hard work, you respect yourself enough to have high standards. You're aware of what your emotional needs are and are rarely triggered when someone else doesn't meet them for you. You are connected to your greater self which gives you an overall glow and puts a sparkle in your eye. You care very little about what other people think which helps you to feel free, happy and at peace. People can sense your power and respect your boundaries.


become the energiser

The Happiness Reset


Imagine becoming The Energiser in your life—what would be different about how you're doing things now?

You can't keep worry about what other people think of you forever, convincing yourself you're happy when deep down you know that you're not fulfilling your fullest potential and that there's more for you.

How long will you continue to watch yourself doing exactly the thing that is keeping you stuck and not understanding why you're not changing?

You can take positive action towards making your life better and you can have the confidence, courage and self belief you need to be your most happy and successful self.

It's time to overcome what's been blocking you all of this time and discover the real you—happy, confident and successful.

Join The Happiness Reset, my 7-day programme that uncovers the 6 happiness blocks secretly sabotaging you from moving your life forward and creating success.

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