Happiness Block #1

The Fear Of The Unknown

Every Happiness Block Is Related To A Fear

1. The Fear Of The Unknown

2. The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough

3. The Fear Of Being Wrong

4. The Fear Of Being Judged

5. The Fear Of Failure

6. The Fear Of Change

Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Have you ever been stuck in that cycle of wanting to change your life and not knowing why you’re not?

Watching yourself do exactly the thing that’s making you unhappy and having no understanding of why you’re not taking the action that you want to take?

Maybe you long to create a better life for yourself where you’re earning more money, or where you love your body, or where you’ve met your soul mate, or where you are living in the location of your dreams, or where you just feel comfortable in your own skin, but something inside feels like it’s blocking you and don't know what it is.

Or maybe you have everything; a great job, awesome friends, a beautiful home, and money, but you’re still not happy and you don’t know why.

Until you uncover these six happiness blocks and understand how they're holding you back you will unknowingly be living from a programme of fear. Once you know it's there, fear doesn't have to hold you back, you can use it powerfully to drive radical positive action.

This Is How Block #1 Will Hold You Back

Is there something that you want to do in your life, that feels big and maybe a little scary? Maybe you have a dream to start a business, move to the location of your dreams, or to start dating again but you've decided that it's not possible for you or you're putting it off because don't know how to get there.

The fear of the unknown makes us believe that we have to have a plan to create change in our lives. Maybe you're someone who always needs a plan for the future so that you feel in control.

When this fear is blocking you, it will make you feel extremely nervous about doing anything without knowing exactly how everything is going to work out. It will keep you living small and going around in circles, convincing yourself that you don't know what you want in life.

How to spot it

If you're asking yourself a lot of 'how?' questions like, 'how will I get started?' or 'how will it work out?' and you're not finding the answer, this is blocking you. Or if you find it hard to dream big or create an exciting vision without dismissing it as fantasy. Or if you're stuck at a crossroad and you're convinced that you don't know what you want. Or you can easily come up with a number of reasons why something isn't possible for you, even when you really want it, like 'you're too old' or 'you've got kids' or 'you have a mortgage' for example.

Become The Visionary

By becoming The Visionary you look into the future in a way that excites you and drives you forward. You take big bold leaps without knowing how you’re going to land and you’re not attached to the outcome. You're able to work towards big things in your life without feeling anxious about whether they are going to work out or not. You surround yourself with people who connect you to your vision and lift you higher so that you feel closer to what you want to accomplish and who you want to be. You rarely lack clarity about your future because you don't allow fear to hold you back from listening to your heart. Life is fizzing with excitement because you ask yourself 'how is this possible?' instead of 'is this possible?'.


The Happiness Reset

Imagine becoming The Visionary in your life—what would be different about how you're doing things now?

You can't stay going around in circles forever convincing yourself you're happy when deep down you know that you're not fulfilling your fullest potential and that there's more for you.

How long will you continue to watch yourself doing exactly the thing that is keeping you stuck and not understanding why you're not changing?

You can take positive action towards making your life better and you can have the confidence, courage and self belief you need to be your most happy and successful self.

It's time to overcome what's been blocking you all of this time and discover the real you—happy, confident and successful.

Join The Happiness Reset, my 7-day programme that uncovers the 6 happiness blocks secretly sabotaging you from moving your life forward and creating success.

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