The Fear Of Change

How This Block Can Hold You Back

With change comes doubt. So the fear of change causes us to not trust ourselves, creating an unsettled feeling, making us nervous and unsure of our situation and future. When you don't trust yourself you can't hear your intuition and you doubt all of your decisions, your direction and what's right for you. All change will feel like a risk because you don't believe that everything will be ok. You might feel anxious or worried about the future because you don't like the uncertainty.

How This Block Shows Up

When you don’t trust yourself, you stay in situations that rob you of your happiness, such as when you no longer enjoy your work but won’t leave because you see it as too risky. Perhaps you are unhappy in a relationship but stay in it too long because you think it’s safe, or you long for a promotion but won’t speak up in the meeting because you fear the reaction. Life is always changing and you need to trust everything is going to be ok when you do create change. When we think that change equals risk, we go into risk assessment mode! Have a think about each time you want to make a change in your life. Do you look for all the risks or do you look for the potential growth? Focusing on growth will help you overcome the fear of change because it’s how you learn to trust yourself.

Become The Guru

You are guided by your own intuition and find the answers that you’re looking for from within. In moments of doubt or uncertainty, you’re able to connect to a strength within that feels greater than yourself. Life feels much, much easier. You have a deep trust in life and yourself. You are able to make bold moves in your life without necessarily understanding why or what they are for, except that you just know it's the right thing to do. Life is more synchronised. You find that you meet the right people or hear the right information, just at the moment you need it most. It would be fair to say that you feel luckier in life, although you know that it's not luck. If you need guidance you are given signs or you receive messages that connect to your greater sense of knowing. You feel wise. You feel held. You feel at peace.


Woman in a fileld

The Happiness Reset

Imagine becoming The Guru in your life—what would be different about how you're doing things now?

You can't keep holding yourself back forever, convincing yourself you're happy when deep down you know that you're not fulfilling your fullest potential and that there's more for you.

How long will you continue to watch yourself doing exactly the thing that is keeping you stuck and not understanding why you're not changing?

You can take positive action towards making your life better and you can have the confidence, courage and self belief you need to be your most happy and successful self.

It's time to overcome what's been blocking you all of this time and discover the real you—happy, confident and successful.

Join The Happiness Reset, my 7-day programme that uncovers the 6 happiness blocks secretly sabotaging you from moving your life forward and creating success.

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