Happiness Block #2

The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough

How This Block Can Hold You Back

The fear of not being good enough will hold you back from going for what you really want in life and leave you settling for a  life that doesn't truly fulfil you. This block causes you to have a negative relationship with yourself where you undervalue yourself and lack self worth. Maybe you're someone who has negative inner dialogue, you're always beating yourself up or speaking about yourself badly. When you are unconsciously programmed into the fear of not being good enough, you will always sabotage your good intentions because ultimately we don't want to do things for people we don't like. It's fair to say that the that there is room for improvement in the relationship you have with yourself.

How This Block Shows Up

You will know that this block is present for you because you feel inadequate. Maybe that shows up as feeling smaller than others. Or maybe you find yourself comparing yourself to others a lot. It's likely that you have very convincing reasons for why you can't have things, be something, or do something, but deep down what's holding you back is the fear of not being good enough. You want to create change in your life, but each time you start towards something you end up giving up or sabotaging yourself. The truth is we have to be connected to our self worth, to feel worthy of putting the effort in, which you won't do when this block is at play.

Become The Cheerleader

You’re not always going to win in life but by becoming the cheerleader you will always be waiting on the sidelines to support yourself, whether you have been ‘good enough’ or not. Negativity won’t have such a hold on you and where self loathing once sat at the head of the table, you’ll find kindness, softness and grace taking over. You won’t feel alone in your life because the friendship you have with yourself is more solid than that of your best friend who’s known you the longest. When you set an intention to do better for yourself, you will accomplish it because sabotaging yourself feels like falling out with a best friend. Inner strength will appear like the roots of an ancient oak tree, grounding you in the fertile soil of your inner knowing - you are good enough, you are deserving and you can do it.

happiness block the cheerleader

The Happiness Reset

Imagine becoming The Cheerleader in your life—what would be different about how you're doing things now?

You can't keep holding yourself back forever, convincing yourself you're happy when deep down you know that you're not fulfilling your fullest potential and that there's more for you.

How long will you continue to watch yourself doing exactly the thing that is keeping you stuck and not understanding why you're not changing?

You can take positive action towards making your life better and you can have the confidence, courage and self belief you need to be your most happy and successful self.

It's time to overcome what's been blocking you all of this time and discover the real you—happy, confident and successful.

Join The Happiness Reset, my 7-day programme that uncovers the 6 happiness blocks secretly sabotaging you from moving your life forward and creating success.

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