The Happiness Reset

The 7-day programme that shows you how to find what will make you truly happy so that you can become your happiest and most successful self.

People who have have:

Lost stubborn weight to love their body

Met the love of their life and been proposed to

Started a business to be their own boss

Got control of over drinking, eating or spending

Started to sleep better, feel calmer and be less stressed

Moved to an exciting new location in their dream house

Been offered unbelievable promotions

The 7-day programme that gives you your life back.

The Happiness Reset is for you if you know that you could be happier, but you don’t understand why you're not.

You tell yourself, you’ll be happy when you lose the excess weight, when you have more money, when you meet the love of your life—only to find that even if you manage to achieve what you want, it’s never enough or as good as you thought it would be.

You're asking yourself 'What will make me truly happy? or ‘Is this all there is?’ or ‘Why do I feel so lost?’ or 'What do I want next?' or 'What's wrong with me?' or 'Who even am I?'.

The Happiness Reset 7-day programme is the place to break free of the hidden blocks that are secretly sabotaging you and move forward as the person you want to be, in the life you want to live.

I will unlock the self-belief, confidence and courage you need to take radical positive action.

Are you in?


Stop holding yourself back and discover your 'MORE'.

  • Change direction and figure out what you want next for your life?
  • Stop worrying so much what other people think of you and just be you?
  • Have much more love for yourself so that you feel better and do better?
  • Be consistant with sticking to your goals, good habits and best intentions?
  • Feel less anxious about the future so that you have more courage and confidence?
  • Stop procrastinating so that you finally take positive action?
  • Have a life you love and feel really proud of what you're accomplishing?
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I will show you just how you can really feel

Are you settling for less?

Too many of us are saying we’re happy when we’re not. We’re stuck, and because we think that we don’t know what to do about it, we end up cheating ourselves out of our full potential. We accept how we feel about our lives when, if we were more honest with ourselves, we are choosing to settle for less.

Discover The 6 Happiness Blocks that are sabotaging your happiness and success, and how to use them to drive positive change and finally feel content.


You want the tools to be able to take control of your life?

My 7-day programme is going to give you the life education you will wish you were given at school. I will give you the tools and knowledge you need to move your life forward and feel happier. You'll learn how to:

  • Become a visionary

  • Live in the now

  • Stop negative self talk

  • Start real self love

  • Raise your worth

  • Reprogram your thoughts

  • Uncover limiting beliefs

  • Create personal power

  • Set strong boundaries

  • Say no without the guilt

  • Create positive habits

  • Overcome procrastination

  • Break down big goals

  • Hear your intuition

  • Learn to let go

Seven days. Six Steps. A lifetime of wisdom.

There are six happiness blocks that rob you of the happiness that is rightfully yours. Each block is a fear that will secretly sabotage you from creating success in your life.

Over 7-days you will discover the block that is strongest in your life and how after uncovering it, it can be used to drive positive change in your life.

When you start the programme you will begin by completing the life analysis quiz. This will show you which area of your life needs to be reset first.

Following this, each morning you will listen to a 20 minute Rapid Reset mp3 that includes a guided meditation.

Then you have the choice to listen to the 60-minute classes and to complete the daily actions.

Lydia x

  • Block 1: The Fear Of The Unknown

    In this block, I address the common struggle of feeling uncertain about one's life direction and being trapped at a crossroads. I guide you through the process of creating a compelling vision for your future while maintaining presence in the present moment. By effectively managing this fear of the unknown, you can confidently identify your desires and aspirations without allowing fear to undermine your progress. My step-by-step approach helps you gain clarity, excitement, and the ability to overcome the limitations imposed by this fear.

  • Block 2: The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough

    This block addresses the challenge of low self-worth and negative self-talk that can hinder personal growth. I dive deep into cultivating a nurturing and empowering relationship with yourself. Throughout this step, I focus on fostering self-compassion and self-acceptance, enabling you to make choices that align with your best interests, free from the sabotage of this fear. Through transformative exercises and insightful discussions, you will learn powerful techniques to enhance your self-worth and develop a kinder inner dialogue. I provide tools to challenge self-limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering affirmations. By building a strong foundation of self-love and self-acceptance, you can make decisions and take actions that reflect your true value, unlocking your full potential. 

  • Block 3: The Fear Of Being Wrong

    Block 3 focuses on the fear of living a life that isn't true to your authentic self, often resulting in decision-making challenges. During this step, your focus shifts to mastering your mindset and cultivating empowered thoughts. By gaining control over your thoughts, you can break free from the clutches of this fear and regain a sense of autonomy in your life. Through targeted exercises and insightful discussions, I provide you with practical tools to navigate the fear of being wrong. You will learn how to challenge self-doubt, cultivate self-trust, and make decisions that align with your values and aspirations. By developing a resilient mindset and embracing self-confidence, you can overcome the limitations imposed by this fear and live a life that is truly your own. I empower you to take charge of your thoughts, harness your inner strength, and navigate life with conviction. Say goodbye to the fear of being wrong and welcome a future where you confidently shape your own destiny.

  • Block 4: The Fear Of Being Judged

    Block 4 addresses the pervasive fear of being judged, which often manifests as people-pleasing behaviors and unnecessary drama in your life. In this step, my primary focus is on validating yourself and reclaiming your personal power. By doing so, you can harness the energy needed to make empowered choices and break free from the constraints imposed by this fear. Through immersive exercises and enlightening discussions, I guide you in building a solid foundation of self-validation. You will learn how to release the need for external validation and cultivate a strong sense of self-worth. By embracing your personal power, you can confidently navigate relationships and situations without succumbing to the fear of judgment. By releasing the fear of being judged, you will gain the energy and clarity necessary to make choices that align with your true self and lead to personal fulfillment. Step into a future where you confidently embrace your uniqueness and shine brightly, unencumbered by the fear of judgment.

  • Block Five: The Fear Of Failure

    Block Five addresses the paralyzing fear of failure, which often manifests as chronic procrastination and a sense of being stuck in repetitive cycles. In this step, my primary focus is on taking positive action to propel you forward in life, free from the constraints imposed by this fear. Through targeted exercises and insightful discussions, I provide practical strategies to overcome the fear of failure. You will learn how to reframe failure as an opportunity for growth and develop resilience in the face of setbacks. By embracing a proactive mindset and adopting effective goal-setting techniques, you can break free from the patterns of procrastination and confidently move towards your desired outcomes. By embracing positive action, you will gain momentum, achieve meaningful progress, and unleash your full potential. Say goodbye to the cycles of stagnation and welcome a future where you boldly step into the life you envision, unhindered by the fear of failure.

  • Block 6: The Fear Of Change

    Block Six delves into the pervasive fear of change, which often manifests as anxiety and excessive worry about the future. In this step, my primary focus is on developing a deep connection with your intuition, enabling you to trust yourself and embrace life's changes without allowing fear to undermine your journey. Through transformative exercises and enlightening discussions, I guide you in cultivating a strong intuitive guidance system. You will learn how to tap into your inner wisdom, make decisions aligned with your authentic self, and navigate change with confidence and grace. By developing a trusting relationship with yourself and the flow of life, you can release the grip of this fear and embrace the opportunities that change brings. By surrendering to the guidance within, you will find the strength and resilience to navigate life's uncertainties. Bid farewell to anxiety and worry, and step into a future where you confidently embrace change as an essential catalyst for growth and personal transformation.

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Start for just £25

  • Take the life analysis quiz the day you begin
  • Listen to the 20 minute Rapid Reset MP3 each morning
  • Complete the progress sheet for that day
  • Listen to the 60-minute class recording later that day
  • Complete the quick and easy action for that day

Here's what you'll get for just £25

The Happiness Reset 7-day online programme is a self study programme that includes 7 reset recordings that are a rapid guide for working through each block.

During each reset session I'll also take you through a short guided meditation to integrate the session.

Each step also includes a deep dive recording from the live programme. These are 60 minute recordings that take you further into understanding how each block is holding you back and how to move forward.

For each step you have a progress sheet to complete so that you can process what you're learning and how to apply it to your life.

And finally I ask you to take one positive action step each day that leaps you forward with your growth.

Become a coach training

What's Included:

  • 7 x High energy and invigorating, 60-minute Happiness Reset group class recordings with Lydia

  • 7 Rapid Reset MP3’s to prepare for class and progress sheets to follow and complete during class

  • Daily tools and exercises with accountability and support to get out of your comfort zone and take action

  • A downloadable app where you can follow the programme and come back to the recordings and meditations at any time.

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If you do nothing, nothing will change.

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