I'm Lydia Kimmerling.

Master life coach | Energist | Channel

Since 2010 I've been helping individuals who, despite outwardly successful lives, sense an inner emptiness, to discover genuine life satisfaction through a journey of self-discovery.

Ever think there must be more to life than this?

I made it my mission to find it.

This marks the beginning of my life's journey—a tale of a young Christian girl who at 16 left home to find her true self. While achieving success was never a challenge, finding genuine contentment proved elusive. The constant pursuit of "I'll be happy when..." became a hurdle I needed to overcome. Join me on this narrative as I break free from the happiness waiting game and uncover profound truths about life and the limitless possibilities that await us all.


In 2010, I found myself at a crossroads, utterly lost and hitting a wall in my life.


On paper, everything seemed great: a fun job, awesome friends, a roof over my head—everything I should be grateful for. Yet, that lingering sense of something missing refused to budge. Regardless of my achievements, it never felt like enough.

Success hadn’t been an issue for me. I left home at 16 to escape my Christian upbringing, which was quickly followed by leaving school and entering the TV industry by 17, becoming an assistant producer by 21, and opening my own restaurant in Panama shortly afterwards, were just a few milestones in a string of career and location changes. Yet, inner success remained elusive.

For far too long, I played the happiness waiting game, convincing myself that "I'll be happy when" I lose more weight, find more love, or earn more money. However, things were only spiralling in the wrong direction: excessive partying, self-loathing about my body, indulging in sugar binges, navigating challenges in my relationship, and battling negative voices in my head.

Then, in a moment of surrender, I found myself face down on my bedroom floor, assuming child's pose with palms facing upwards, begging for the answer to what would genuinely bring me happiness.

Then it hit me: it wasn't about changing external factors. It was an inner journey that needed attention. So I made a promise to myself to explore and find what it takes to be truly happy in the now.


I became a life coach, created my dream life and helped thousands to do the same.

Embarking on my personal development journey, I also started to explore spirituality.

However, due to the lingering influence of church indoctrination in my belief system, I hesitated to fully share this aspect of myself with the world. Aware that my family didn't approve of the path I was choosing, the fear of additional rejection held me back.

Then in 2017, I became a mother, marking the beginning of a profound identity crisis. I had always identified myself as Lydia, the successful entrepreneur (even though I didn't feel successful on the inside), but motherhood challenged me in every conceivable way.

My son didn't sleep for the first four years, and by the time he turned one, I was utterly depleted.  In 2019, I decided to step away from life completely. I disconnected from everyone and vowed to regain my energy, make enough money to support myself, and then reassess my life choices.

In 2020 I made the difficult decision to end a relationship I knew wasn't right. Leaving someone I loved, the father of my son, proved to be the most challenging decision of my life. Despite still struggling with overwhelm and lack of sleep, I found myself in despair.


Then in 2022 I made a poor business decision that pushed me back into burnout.

I had promised myself to function less in my masculine, but I had sabotaged myself.

I could choose to continue pushing or I could surrender. I chose the latter and said, ‘I can't do this on my own anymore, I am willing for you to take everything I know about myself to be true, just show me the way'

This was not a good time for me to surrender. My finances were not in a good shape and I should have been working but I cancelled everything. I stopped my gym membership, I stopped my office, I stopped getting my nails and hair done and I sat in nature for as long as I could. I never could have expected what happened next.

For the ten days that followed, I experienced a spiritual breakthrough that gifted me with so much bliss, I felt as though I was in Heaven. I had metaphorically allowed myself to fall backwards into the arms of spirit and it came in to carry me forward. 

What I went through from there was an intense 12-month, one-to-one training with spirit where I was called to continue letting go of control. I received approximately 100 energy clearings and activations, initiated by high frequency beings (too many to name individually), important psychic messages, a Kundalini awakening and the ability to read light code, speak light language and channel. 


I was in deep submission to a power greater than me, connecting me to my unique energetic framework.

Through successive clearings, I downloaded divine universal codes for living a free and surrendered life,. This journey not only allowed me to attain greater success, happiness, and love but also led me to a profound sense of fulfilment.

The revelation of connecting beyond the visible and physical realms unfolded. I came to understand that everything is energy, and genuine transformation occurs only when we align our frequency with our aspirations and the person we aim to become.

I believe my story extends an invitation to you—if you choose to accept it. Within each of us lies a truth waiting to be unveiled, and by setting an intention to discover it, a natural alignment with a guiding path unfolds.

With unwavering certainty, I affirm that there is more—more within each and every one of us, and it resides within you.

I can be your guide.

If you feel like there’s more out there for you, it’s because there is.

Welcome to the place to find your MORE.


I’m so happy you’re here.


Lydia x

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