true-to-your-soul happiness.
Every. Single. Day.

Feel Happier In Less Than 7-Days, Without Drastically Changing Your Life

If you feel  like there’s more out there
for you, it’s because there is.

It’s not how life looks that makes it amazing, it’s how you look at life that does. Imagine creating the success you desire as a result of being your happiest self first. There is more out there for you, but it’s not ‘out there’, it’s within you and we know how to unlock it.

Welcome, this is the place to find your MORE.

Whether you want a coach, want to become a coach, or need a coach to help your employees be their happiest selves so that they perform better, Happiness Explorer is your place to be more, live more, and experience more true, down-to-your-core happiness.

Watch Lydia’s our founder, TEDx Talk.

Alice Matthews

I felt unsure, stuck and had a deep sense that I needed to do something more. Each week of the programme opened up even more excitement in my life. I quit my waitressing job and have fully started my own floral design business. 

Renell Shaw

Lydia showed me how to break out of an unhealthy life cycle that I’d been stuck in for years. She helped give me the focus I needed to be brave enough to make decisions that served my greater good – which led to signing a deal with the Rudimental team. 

Anita Bhagwandas

What makes Lydia different is that she gives you a way to navigate old systems for self-transformation that are outdated in the current world by creating a fusion between that wisdom and a young modern lifestyle, making it much easier to apply to your own life. 

Feel Happier In Less Than 7-Days

Without Drastically Changing Your Life.