Lydia Kimmerling

Your 90-Minute Portal to Profound Answers, High-Frequency Energy, and Unparalleled Wisdom.


Do you crave more than just answers?

Accessing higher-dimensional clarity and momentum begins here—I am not just a coach; I am your conduit to unparalleled wisdom.

This is a transformative 90-minute session with me, where your deepest questions in life or business find profound resolutions, catapulting you to your highest perspective that will unlock momentum and rapid transformation—all achieved in minimal time.

Now picture this...

Step into a life changing one-on-one experience with me, where we'll unravel the layers of your current reality. 


In seconds, I will seamlessly connect with higher-dimensional consciousness crafted specifically to serve your quest for more than just answers.


You kick things off by asking the question that’s at the forefront of your heart and mind, and I'll effortlessly channel insights for you that offer you the highest perspective and connection to your authentic nature.



I decode and dissolve the energetic blocks standing in the way of shifting your perspective, triggering an awakening in your awareness, and unlocking the path to a more fulfilling life or business.


I use coaching to unpack and piece together what's on your mind and what comes through when I am channelling, which creates the perfect container for accelerated transformation.



I establish a connection with a high-frequency conscious intelligence to channel the utmost perspective for you, providing clarity and direction. This could be your guides, my guides, masters, angels or other high-frequency beings of divine resonance.


we work with your energy

During your session, I connect to your Unique Energetic Framework, allowing me to read your energy in relation to the question you're asking. This process enables me to uncover and dissolve the blocks that may be holding you back.


Hi! I'm Lydia...

Since 2010, I have dedicated myself to guiding individuals towards their utmost success, happiness, and love in both life and business.

In my role as a Channel, Energist, and Master Life Coach, I draw upon my extensive experience, totaling thousands of hours. My unique approach involves tapping into the conscious intelligence of the universe, facilitating a connection that propels you toward the elevated perspective necessary for progress.

Leveraging my gift to read energy and interpret the light codes within your Unique Energetic Framework, I specialise in dismantling the unseen barriers that hinder your path to a profoundly satisfying life.

Fundamentally, I believe that the answers you seek reside within you. Through my work, I illuminate the pathway to inner fulfilment, causing a transformative ripple effect in your external world as well.

If you sense that there's more awaiting you, you're right. However, it's not out there—it's within you.

Welcome to the space where you'll uncover your "more."





Every session is tailored to provide you with clear insights into your unique circumstances. By delving into your energetic framework, the aim is to illuminate a path forward, ensuring you leave with a clearer understanding and direction.


Core to each session is the establishment of a deep, meaningful connection. By tapping into your unique energetic signature, we explore questions on a profound level, cultivating understanding and support beyond the surface.


Each session guarantees a sense of completion. Navigating your energetic landscape, the objective is not only to uncover insights but also to guide you toward resolution. The session leaves you with a more comprehensive perspective and a greater sence of inner fulfillment.



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How it works?

Genetic Integrative Healing (GIH) is a transformative approach that focuses on your Unique Energetic Framework (UEF), comparing it to an operating system with codes influencing thoughts and beliefs. By updating this framework, similar to adding new code to software, you can shape your reality.

Your UEF, comprised of energetic frequencies, affects decisions and actions. Hidden frequencies within it may limit you, manifesting as unexplained restrictions. Discovering and adjusting these frequencies is crucial for consciously directing your life story.

In the genetic realm, genes act as blueprints influenced by light codes—conscious technology derived from Source. As walking information technology, our bodies receive light codes, shaping the UEF. Choosing which codes to embrace affects DNA, facilitating Genetic Integrative Healing and unlocking our complete potential.

Channelling involves attuning consciousness to non-physical entities' frequencies, similar to tuning a radio. Lydia, having undergone energy clearings and DNA recalibration, intuitively connects with high-frequency beings, including guides, higher selves, and advanced collectives. This ability extends to reading bodies, minds, and nature. Although unconventional, it aligns with the understanding that we communicate through energy, transcending words.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record the session?

Yes sessions can be recorded.

Who is Lydia channelling?

Lydia has undergone approximately 100 energy clearings, which have finely tuned her nervous system to hold exceptionally high levels of light. This unique calibration enables her to channel and connect with a diverse array of beings resonating at elevated frequencies.

The beings she can channel at this level appear to have no specific limitations, although your guides are the most frequent participants. The selection of the best-suited energy for each session is a dynamic process, ensuring that the optimal forces join to assist in moving you forward and recalibrating your energy.

Refunds and Cancellations

Once booked and paid there are no refund options. You can change your time 48 hours before the session time.

Can I find out about the future?

Lydia does not give future predictions. It is her belief that this falls under hope harvesting and since timelines are always changing, many outcomes are possible. It all depends on the shifts in your  awareness.

Lydia Kimmerling