The results are in!

The happiness journey you are on is:


Where you are NOW

You're an ideas person who loves to have progress in their life and feels uncomfortable when things are standing still. But life isn't forming in the way you had expected, which leaves you feeling disappointed and frustrated. You'll be happy when you have what you want in your life and you'll keep going until you get there, but deep down, you do wonder if youll ever be content because even when you do get there, it's never enough and you're straight onto the next thing.

Your direction

When you push really, really hard to make things happen in your life, it can also be a sign you dont truly believe that everything is going to work out. There is a universal law that what you believe shapes your reality, so if you think that hard work creates results, but youre not seeing the results, ask yourself whats really driving the hard work. Heres a clue: its normally fear. Fear that youre not successful enough yet, fear that you might fail, fear that time is running awayWhats the point of waiting for something in the future to make you happy if you dont enjoy the journey along the way?

How to move forward

Wanting to control everything is a sign that everything is actually out of your control. What if you let go a little bit and allowed life to come to you? Or what if the plan for your life is so big and exciting that you never could have dreamt it up yourself?


Of course, you still need to take action. Action is the catalyst for change, but you want to take the right action. Action that says, I have ever faith that this will work out.


Happy Woman jumping

Most importantly, remember to have fun.

If you're not having fun, then you're not doing it right. Here are some Happiness Explorer tips to help you:



You can start small with just a few minutes a day.



Start noting how you're feeling and anything that comes up.


Say YES!

Your energy surges when you say 'yes' to what you want. 

If you're ready to take action, Join The Happiness Reset, our 7-day programme that elevates all areas of your life to feel happier so that you take more positive action and create the success that you deserve.

Have you considered getting a coach?

Has life been tapping you on the shoulder for a while now, nagging you with an unsettled feeling that just won’t go away? Something feels like it’s missing, but you can’t put your finger on what that is? It’s overwhelming. If only you could figure out what to do, then you could stop feeling so stuck, create a plan, and move forward.

Are you ready to start creating and living the life that you want? Are you ready to find your more?

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