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The quality of your life depends on the quality of the relationship you have with yourself. Take the next step towards a better life. You are worth the effort.

Success is important but it means nothing if you're not truly happy.

You can keep working towards more, believing that when you 'get there' that you'll be happy, but it will never be enough.

If you feel like there's more out there for you, it's because there is, but it's not 'out there', it's within you and I will unlock it.

Does this sound familiar?

You're thinking that there must be more to life than this.

You're wondering what will make you truly happy.

You feel like something is missing but you're not sure what that is.

You want to feel content.

I'll help you find your

I help ambitious life lovers either at the top of their game or wanting to up their game, make life better by becoming their true self.

I dive deep into your mind, heart and soul to re-programme unconscious thoughts and beliefs that are blocking you from experiencing your life fully.

Whilst I rewire and enhance your outlook to pull in your desired future, I also weave and install ancient wisdom.

Working with me is a personal and spiritual development journey that helps you to feel like the human-being you were always meant to be - happy, content and at peace.

Peace leads to personal power and personal power creates success.

Your life will change, because you will change.

Working with me you will...

Experience a level of emotional freedom that you never knew was possible.

Sink into a place of peace within yourself that feels like coming home.

Get that 'I want what they've had' aura that attracts more of what you want.

Create an epically awesome life because of being truly happy first.

Lydia standing by the sea in Ibiza

Hello, Happiness Explorer!

I’m Lydia Kimmerling, CEO and Founder of The Happiness Explorer™, a master certified life and business coach, educator, and motivational speaker. In short, I've been making lives better since 2010, including my own.

Since I left school at sixteen I became trapped in a happiness waiting game, saying "I'll be happy when..." to find that when I got there, it was never enough.

I have never been afraid of going for what I wanted in life, so success was not the problem for me, but feeling content was.

Ultimately whatever it is you think you want more of in the future, it comes back to wanting more happiness.

True happiness is peace and peace is coming home to yourself. I bring you back home to yourself.

That's the sweet spot. And from a woman who's been living from her sweet spot, I can tell you that it's worth the effort. You are worth the effort.

Lydia x


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How to work with me



Whether you feel stuck, lost, in need of clarity, motivation or direction, this highly focussed, revealing and life-changing 12 weeks together will kickstart huge transformation in your life so that you stop asking “Is this it?” and start saying “This is it!” 

There are six happiness blocks that secretly sabotage our happiness and our success. Until you're aware of how you are programmed into these blocks, they will be controlling your life.

Over six modules and 12, 60-minute one-to-one coaching sessions together, we'll set big goals for who you want to be and where you want to get to, whilst uncovering how the six happiness blocks are holding you back.

Each module includes proven life coaching tools and happiness work, that will integrate the work we're doing together directly into your life.

Lydia Kimmerling 2022

What to expect:

  • To get started you will have access to Lydia’s comprehensive, Life Analysis Quiz which will stretch your potential for growth.

  • Receive Lydia's masterful and unique coaching in twelve life changing coaching sessions.

  • Take inspired and positive action each week with reset exercises that will improve your life.

  • Deepen your self enquiry and development with recorded meditations and visualistions.

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This is for the brave-hearted, happiness explorer who wants to master themselves, live their life fully and feel complete.

Imagine a soul searching, life enriching 12-months dedicated to your well-being, fulfilment and true happiness, with master coach Lydia Kimmerling - so much can change!

Together you will shape big, inspiring goals for the year, which step by step you'll work towards as you're guided through the modules of this programme. 

With a combination of hands on coaching and an education of ancient wisdom, Lydia will crack you open to unlock your true self, elevating you to an experience of life where you're filled with gratitude.


What's included:

  • For the first 12-weeks you will complete everything that is included in the Life Reset as above.

  • Following this  we will dive deeper into more advanced tools and wisdom that will rewire and enhance your outlook on life.

  • During these following months you'll focus on nine modules which develop you spiritually and personally.

  • Each month you will have three one-to-one coaching sessions with Lydia where you'll work on your goals and deepen your understanding of the programme.

  • After each session you will be held accountable to agreed action that will move you closer towards what you want and who you want to be.

Do you want these


Quitting your 9-5 to start a business

Loving the person reflected in the mirror

Connecting to higher self and intuition

Giving up sugar, smoking or alcohol

Getting a surprise dream promotion

Overcoming stress to sleep like a baby

Finding your soul-mate and falling in love

Mastering your mind to think positively

Falling pregnant after years of trying

Finally making the money you deserve

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Prior to your first session Lydia will map out what it is you want to accomplish as a result of  working together.


Then at the beginning of the session Lydia will work with you to break down your goal and uncover what is holding you back.


Lydia is a master at hearing the hidden fears, worries and doubts that create limits in your thinking. She’ll then help you to reprogramme your mind so that you have an unshakable positive perspective.


At the end Lydia uses the new awareness, confidence and motivation which has been cultivated in session to strategise and create a plan of action.

Prefer to chat it through?

If you're ready to hire a coach and are serious about transforming your life, you can schedule a call with Lydia to discuss coaching.

There is a short application process for these calls.