The results are in!

The happiness journey you are on is:


Where you are NOW

Youre highly capable and can juggle a lot of things at one time. This is great when it comes to planning, but even though you're confident and fun on the outside, you worry about everything more than you let others know. You might even go as far as to say you feel anxious a lot of the time. You just want to be in control of your mind, so you can enjoy life more and not think about things so much. If only someone could just come and reprogram your brain so that you don't feel so stressed all of the time.

Your direction

How you think is not who you are it is who you have been because that thought is now in the past. But whats important to know is that thoughts do shape your reality and you can be in control of what you think about.

Reprogramming your mind to think less or to have more positive thoughts doesnt happen overnight, its a day-by-day process where you gain more and more awareness to eventually catch yourself out before you begin playing out a whole dialogue in your mind.

How to move forward

The mistake that most people make is to rely on the mind you want to change; to remember that you want to change it and thats pretty hard. Instead, create a supportive environment that helps remind you. Here are three Happiness Explorer tips to help support you in creating a more calm and grounded headspace.

  1. Say no to the things you dont really want to go to and create breathing space in your life.
  2. Write an affirmation you can see daily (like on your mirror, in your reminders or on a sticky note to go on your laptop) that says something like, I am calm, at peace and everything is okay.
  3. Get out into nature daily when was the last time you went for a nice long walk?
Woman sitting peacefully

Most importantly, remember to have fun.

If you're not having fun, then you're not doing it right. Here are some Happiness Explorer tips to help you:



You can start small with just a few minutes a day.


Write affirmations

Make sure you have these somewhere you can view  daily,


Get outside

Get out in nature as often as possible

If you're ready to take action, Join The Happiness Reset, our 7-day programme that elevates all areas of your life to feel happier so that you take more positive action and create the success that you deserve.

Have you considered getting a coach?

Has life been tapping you on the shoulder for a while now, nagging you with an unsettled feeling that just won’t go away? Something feels like it’s missing, but you can’t put your finger on what that is? It’s overwhelming. If only you could figure out what to do, then you could stop feeling so stuck, create a plan, and move forward.

Are you ready to start creating and living the life that you want? Are you ready to find your more?


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