How To Make More Money (The Money Secret You Weren’t Taught At School)

Most of us don’t want to think about money, right?


But the fact of the matter is, we need money to survive and most of us are longing for more of it.


We want to have enough money to do what we want, enough money so we can have more fun, enough money to feel like we have more freedom, enough money to be more fulfilled, and even enough money to give to others. Maybe you have watched The Secret or practiced mediation & manifestation and you have written yourself that elusive million-dollar cheque. But you look around and it’s still not happening and you are thinking to yourself is that stuff even real?


What I am going to share with you then will really resonate for you and it’s something we are not taught in school although it definitely should be! It’s important to know this money secret and I know it to be true because it transformed my life once I really got my head around the concept.


About 9 years ago, was when it first made sense to me and it enabled me to triple my income literally overnight. And now it’s helping me continuously in my business to realise my earning potential and it keeps me breaking through boundaries & blocks that I have for myself. So, I know it’s going to be useful for you too.


Ok, so the secret, the secret about money is: the way you think about money is how money thinks about you!


What do I mean by that? Well, ultimately this is all to do with your money story.


We all have a money story, we’ve all written one probably without realising it, about the meaning of money to us. We construct a story based on what we see and what we learn growing up. We learn so much about money mainly from our parents and those around us; and this information then forms beliefs…essentially money beliefs that then stay with us, sometimes for the rest of our lives if we don’t identify them.


You may have grown up where money was not an issue, that it was always seen as a good part of the story, always talked about in a positive manner and this then has enabled you to achieve the income that you want. There are many people in this world who are living in financial freedom, they all think about money in the same way and those beliefs have enabled them to break through any breaks or boundaries that they had to find that financial freedom for themselves.


Then there are limiting thoughts, limiting beliefs about money that actually hold us back. You might be sitting there thinking, I don’t really have any! You would be surprised; you would be very surprised!


So how do you begin to uncover how money thinks about you?


I would suggest you take a moment and ask yourself this question, “What were all the things that I heard & saw about money as I was growing up”?

Think about this and then just write it out, write out a long list about your thoughts on money growing up.


So, what did you hear your parents say? Were they always scrimping and saving? Were they always saying you must save for a rainy day? Or were they giving out about rich people?


Think about all the things you might have heard them say over the years and write them all down and then challenge yourself.

How do these thoughts impact me and is that what I really believe?


Then, set a new, positive dialogue with yourself about money.


Because once you change what you think about money, money will think differently about you.


From growing up in a family where my dad would rather go through other people’s rubbish than buy something new, I learned a lot of stuff about money that has held me back from having what I want for myself in my adult life.


This secret has helped me shift from saying “That’s too expensive” (and never actually having the money) to saying, “I can have it” (because money always comes to me).


Tell me, what is your relationship with money like


Let me know in the comments below.


I’d love to hear from you.


Lydia xx




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